27 thoughts on “| Episode 2 – Poker Face”
  1. わたしはAceXD_ Channel says:

    "I don't have a voice actor"

  2. faisal reindz says:

    When normal heroes have ilustration dev???

  3. Orang menarique says:

    I watch this like 4 time in a day

  4. Nicholas Omictin says:

    She was Playing with BOB

  5. Ash Garden says:

    At this rate, Miya might as well have a staff Exweap. XD

  6. Oni Liberty says:


    Plitkek and Ulef

  7. R. Andika kartapradja says:

    Idk but for me . I need the rule of this card game :v why alef and pative lose with tank ?

  8. kadia diallo says:

    Why can't normal horses speak? Hm?

  9. Iris Rosario says:

    0:45 Lahn, Idol Eva and Gabrielle:
    S A M E

    Srsly we need those 3 VA

  10. Iris Rosario says:

    0:34 Logical explanation…

  11. Mas Fugo says:

    But Miya you also dont have VA in japan. 🙁

  12. Great Ninja says:

    Didn’t know Miya is a chuunie

  13. Gary Is mad says:

    Miya was my first 3 star hero I think and that was funny as well!

  14. Kauê ' says:

    yamcha reference

  15. Yukitomo Kamui says:

    Just picturing Tar0zX doing gamble against her.

    Then turns out he already beat her many times but she keep doing her exorcist, until she admit defeat.

    Also that animation is awesome! Gamble! & Heroes hasn't given illustration.

  16. doom8589 says:

    I can tell Miya's Global VA is gonna have a field day

  17. anon says:

    Why is nobody talking about that deck tho. Didn’t have to do Alef and Plit dirty.

  18. anon says:

    This is the most meta shit I’ve ever seen

  19. camellsツ says:

    help where can i find this

  20. SteventTLH 28 says:

    So basically She is Cheater…

  21. Cream Tea says:

    Maybe they should publish that card deck and tell us how to play it…

  22. A Rebel. says:

    Lmao there's Yamcha defeat pose reference.

  23. Chillin' Survivor says:

    0:45 WTH ?!

  24. Conan Jay Pelobello says:

    The Judge: Who is gonma be the best gambler and is gonna take the prize of 100K gold and gems, is it gonna be exorcist miya or a hidden person??
    Miya: I will win for I have experienced gambling since I started gambling!
    Normal hero: lets see about that
    10 seconds later
    The judge: and the mysterious person won with a total of 28 wins and 2 loses!
    Miya: How is that possible!!!!
    Normal hero: let me give you a hint, never let your ego be high :3

  25. Random Guy says:

    1:11 Yamcha pose

  26. Leibniz Lagura says:

    There's so much Jojo pose in this vid XDD

  27. Nightrider Gaming says:

    Normal hero's need some love but still pretty funny comic

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