26 thoughts on “EPT Monte-Carlo On line casino 2019 ♠️ E3 ♠️ Ft. Malika Razavi and Ramon Colillas ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. PokerStars says:

    What is your favorite hand of the episode?

  2. Alexander Shulidow says:

    So a play at the TV-Table ??? Monatana !!

  3. Alexander Shulidow says:

    WTFJ on the river ? No bet mit brodway NUTS ?? Hand Kitsios vs Fernandes : It is 100% Soft !!! Where was a doorman ???

  4. Smile_uwokeup _2day says:

    She flops quad 8s on river n bout to leave then she was told . Lol cool

  5. Golson Moldon says:

    Gets up to leave after flopping quads.
    "I didn't see it!" She says..

    Car driving analogies overload

  6. Joshua Reynolds says:

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  7. piglink10 says:

    19:37 what a fold

  8. Trespasser says:

    42:47 fourth pair?? What is he talking about, that's the best pair.

  9. gertoudhof says:

    28:38 that's a good head to be fair, absolute unit!! hahaha what a boss

  10. Joshua Patrick says:

    Did she really call out of the small
    Blind versus a good player with K9 off preflop? And they say poker is dead…especially if she isn’t raising his river bet when no draws got there and just boats are beating you? At least think about it is all I’m saying.

  11. Joshua Patrick says:

    Ramon wins one tournament and gets a sponsorship…is he gonna start tipping the dealers if he wins another 5 million or did he just tip his entire winnings from this to make up for it? Plus another 50 dimes…

  12. Mariejules Jiy says:

    Hello eveyone much love

  13. M Gecko says:

    Whats the point of having 30sec clock on players if dealer then takes 30 sec to deal flop and samr to deal turn and river where players are all in?

  14. Media Buster says:

    Move that fat fu%$ outta the way… what a douche..

  15. Media Buster says:

    I cant stand that girl Fatima… pretending she didn't see quads… come on…

  16. Marcelo Pereira says:

    Very bad this video, show two games in the same time,
    only sees half plays

  17. Daz Seymour says:

    First hand: AA, JJ… is this online poker?

  18. Scott Christensen says:

    Fatima looks ugly AF

  19. asimioso says:

    That iranian girl would get it mate.

  20. Ормм Ооап says:


  21. Gaming Champ says:

    Daily blitz WSOP

  22. yani flush says:

    29:32 "Jon Snow folds his hand"

  23. Scrappy CoCo says:

    Hello my babies !!!

  24. VicenzoV says:

    25:43 — Fatima sees her opponent flops a Full House, doesn't realize she has quads.

    "Good luck, see you later guys."

  25. Graham6761 says:

    That was a nice fold with A10 there. 17:19

  26. concretejim says:

    Good raise on the flop with 3 3's after the 7 2 bluff. The woman behind her had a gut shot straight and folded. And with a flush draw out there. Checking to see if anyone had a real hand compared to just calling. 4 players in the pot.

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