21 thoughts on “Eric Cartman – Poker Face (Rock Band Model, HQ digitally recorded)”
  1. JohanElpro2_ 0 says:

    11 years

  2. sooub to me and ill sooub back says:

    My ears have been cleansed after all the cultured material ive been listening and watching

  3. JACK NEMEC says:

    South park should sue

  4. Vex Gone says:

    Eminem vs Cartman Rap !

  5. Daevid M. Wolfson says:

    Amazing you can’t hear the Japanese or Godzilla

  6. dragon and unicorn production's says:

    Hahahahahahah just yessssss

  7. C.S.R says:

    This is going to be stuck in my head all day and night now!

  8. suyd mid says:

    lady gaga chora no banho por não chegar aos pés dele

  9. Saucy Fry Studios says:

    What girls listen to: Billie Ellish
    What boys listen to: Owl City
    What legends listen to:

  10. Bob the Builder & Manny Garcia Fan 2005 says:

    Cartman Is Hilarious From South Park

  11. Roblox Kokichi says:

    This makes sense for a heterosexual like Eric

  12. chelle dunwoody says:

    Screw guys I’m going home

  13. Nature Dude says:

    Cartman is talented

  14. Xiroz Zack says:

    the best version ever

  15. Elizabeth Walker says:

    Miss you so much pray for me thank you randy marsh

  16. Elizabeth Walker says:

    See you at YouTube video

  17. Elizabeth Walker says:

    Eric cartman miss you so much pray for me thank you for your my friend

  18. Hell Sans says:

    I can just imagine Cartman walking down the aisle with high heels barely able to walk

  19. Karamatsu says:

    This Is beautiful

  20. batatinha maluca says:

    Better is that this voice is beatiful

  21. rg was here says:

    now do Barbie Girl

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