44 thoughts on “essentially the most boring poker vlog ever”
  1. James Guest says:

    Dont post boring im nit even going too watch it and im giveing it first down~~~

  2. travis coates says:

    Your “most boring session ever” is 90% of my sessions

  3. Ryan Kirk says:

    The sarcasm is thick with this one lol. IMO the occasional slow and losing sessions make you a stronger player.

  4. Jamie Borah says:

    Great check…great break down for the fold!!!!

  5. Phillip R says:

    Do something different go to the strippers, or some busty babes at a bar

  6. Chris Jackson says:

    Ethan I think you would appreciate this I played a session last night and got pocket 4s four times and got a 4 on the flop 3 out of the 4 times

  7. Jeremy Cohen says:

    Book a win. Not boring to watch

  8. nathan cravens says:

    Ethan do you ever play at legion?

  9. Greg Goes All In says:

    keepin it real i love it – also impressive you booked a win despite it being boring. i sometimes bored tilt off my stacks.

  10. WorkHorse says:

    The grind is the only part of poker that I don't like. FeelsBadMan

  11. John Johnson says:

    Honestly I don't see the point in this video. I know there were no interesting spots but maybe this footage should have just been lost. I'm glad you scratched out a small win. Your videos aren't about winning and losing but showing interesting spots. There just weren't any to be had here. I'm sure the next video will be better.

  12. Hapnation says:

    Good Vlog, understand the long session!

  13. Brett Burdick says:

    KK plays better in $16k pots, amirite?

  14. John Ruggieri says:

    What’s up Ethan? Poker sessions are what they are. Your fans just want to see you in action at the various venues/stakes. I like every video I’ve watched. The quality of your content is good. Just focus on playing your best poker, which we all know isn’t easy when ur vlogging at the same time. I appreciate all the time you put into providing us with entertainment. You and your team do great work!

  15. A D says:

    Content for contents sake….

  16. Charles Henry says:

    9:00 you have clubs, lol….

  17. Charles Henry says:

    Love the short intro

  18. Justin Escalona says:

    The Buddiez music can make anything unboring

  19. Michael Young says:

    It is nice to see a “real” session buddy. Viva la Grinder!

  20. Pakodot says:

    Seems like a usual 1-3 to me hahaha if you're up about $300 in 3 hours. You're doing well.

  21. Victor Ortiz says:

    before i watch, i know it says most boring but after all the entertainment youve already provided i dont mind. hopefully its a good one!

  22. Eddie Babaian says:

    Why post boring content?

  23. paul maier says:

    GREAT VIDEO. FOLDING is interesting to watch once in a while.

  24. B Gaines says:

    How can I get card protector

  25. Alex Bentley says:

    That king 10 fold was awful and overly tight for no reason the bet wasn’t even large.

  26. ᅳᅳ says:

    hello i am watching your video from korea
    i really want to get the "folding is boring" card protector.
    i was looking for website, but it is already sold out.
    how can i get the card protector?
    please let me know

  27. Wamexful says:

    At least you learning from prior mistake and folding when u know ur beat

  28. Derek Cibik says:

    Why didn't you check on the river on the first hand? Serious question. Love.your poker play my dude and your content.

  29. david silberman says:

    Love your content, keep it coming. Is it possible if you could number your hands? Just food for thought.

  30. Tj Tj says:

    I’m glad you vloged it. It shows the variances in poker.

  31. Jay Sterling says:

    How can people not like his vlogs???!!!

  32. Kevin Rouse says:

    I've had way worse sessions! got that W!

  33. David Burhans says:

    Who played in the vlog? I've never seen Rampage fold Q, J to a raise on the flop! nice to see that you have found the fold button.

  34. Lyndon St Jacques says:

    haha Id sit through the boringness for a RampagePoker video.

  35. Gr1ff30 Savage says:

    I purchased one, folding is boring. And I’ve been using it and I’ve been doing good in Atlantic City. Definitely a luck card guard. Definitely a good buy for me. Lol

  36. Riley Simonz says:

    Ethan, if your trying to put me to sleep this video is great. JK hahaha

  37. Caleb O'malley says:

    I love that you post new content so often thanks for your dedication!

  38. MrShutterbug321 says:

    What's wrong with grinding? What's wrong with making money with premium hands? You seem to be more focused on being entertaining than playing good poker, and use "not wanting to be boring" as an excuse for bad decisions. I'm not saying that I'm a better than you, but you're not making me a better player. I like you, but you make a lot of bad decisions, so I don't think that I can watch your videos anymore. It is too frustrating watching you throw away money. You should watch some Brad Owens videos. He's entertaining AND plays good poker. I hope that I'm wrong, but I'm afraid that one day your April Fools video will turn out to be true, and I don't want to be watching when it happens.

  39. SavedbyGrace says:

    WTH did the cutoff check behind 10:12 with the 2nd nuts(QJ)?

  40. squealer says:

    What the pho was that?
    Like watching my own nit self at that age, grinding away for min value.

  41. robert gjuraj says:

    got me a folding is boring card protector!! i like it

  42. gpimetalproducts says:

    Ethan, Can you share with us your +/- for the year ?

  43. Brady Ace says:


  44. Magic the Gathering : MtgLion says:

    So it's like a job….

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