30 thoughts on “Essentially the most IMPORTANT hand of poker in my profession | Poker Vlog 75”
  1. Peter Place says:

    Most favorable videos on poker. God bless you son

  2. keith fuller says:

    Is it just me or do this guy sounds like Obama

  3. Matthew Austin says:

    Is that a baby breeza on the counter? If so, that’s the best investment I have made as a dad.

  4. Nicholas Cooke says:


  5. Bryan Lane says:

    Get to it already.

  6. Patrick says:

    Enjoy your videos Ben. I am curious to hear your thoughts on the rumor of poker returning with tables being 4 handed. I would not play a 4-handed game, but I'm sure many will.

  7. Victor Frankenstein says:

    Come on Ben, one hand per blog? We need an overload of content, not a teaser. Well, I guess ya gotta do it your way. Let’s go! Still enjoy your videos, so thanks for sharing.

  8. Jeffrey Rhea says:

    Anyone know what the intro song is?

  9. Kevin Mc Donnell says:

    Very good Ben don't forget your top 10 bad beats

  10. James Fondren says:


  11. Bob Smith says:

    Ben- nice video. Quick question. Once the corona is over and live poker is back, have u considered going up to Harvey’s at Tahoe to a do a vlog? Are the cash games good at Tahoe?

  12. Will H says:

    Ben! Long time no hear! Good to have you back! Tell those greedy bastards at KOLO to quit monopolizing you, and share you with us more!
    **EDIT** KOLO is not in my market, and I know nothing about the station, other than that Ben works there.

  13. kelly allen says:

    In November 2019 I was at a table at Mohegan Sun Pocono in Plains, PA and the bad beat jackpot was a bit over 120ksh. We were shorthanded late at night playing $1/$2. The button called a raise with 44 and so did the big blind. Board came Qx4x6h .. turn 4h .. river 7h .. quad 4s vs 35hh .. we each got around 7800 for table share. Prolly first and last time I'll ever be in a BBJP.

  14. Jim W says:

    Thanks Ben. Any way you could give high level wide ranges of what you made and lost over last 10 years? Owen and Neme have shown at end of year. Very helpful for anyone looking to play full time. Maybe talk about what an “average” player might make. Pros and cons of playing. Advice for anyone starting out? I bet that would be a highly watched vlog.

  15. James Currey says:

    Congrats man!

  16. Thomas Strickland says:

    Amen, brother! I hate ALL online poker and I don't care what anyone says, it's fixed and even in quarantine … not gonna do it!

  17. RKelly Pullin says:

    Yay…. Ben Deach vlog!

  18. Peter Dawson says:

    IMHO avoiding tilt in poker is pretty simple for the vast majority of players. There is often a huge connection to their effective bankroll. If you have a 10 buy-in bankroll and go on a 5 buy-in downswing it can lead to tilt and sub optimal play. If you had 100 buy-in bankroll and went on a 5 buy-in downswing it would not effect most people at all mentally. My guess is during this period where you considered giving up you were not as well capitalized as you are now. You are also now fully aware of the variance in gambling that seems like your enemy but is actually your friend. It gives the illusion to losing players that they can win over the long term when they win over the short term. I just wanted to say I really love your vlogs. Its clear you play a very solid winning style of poker. Often its berated as being tight or nitty but in the modern games the tight aggressive style is absolutely a winning style. Making big folds that losing players wont make in the same spots are often the keys to increasing your winrate, not making huge bluff catching calls. Looking forward to the next four hands.

  19. iTz_BeKK says:

    4:47 What's the difference between JJ and KK/AA on that board? They're essentially the same hand.

  20. RampagePoker says:

    love this idea Ben! nice video

  21. dkhoh11873 says:

    If this hand was so important for you if you were to get felted…. you’re the one who pushed the river action… why’d you do the that? Especially with a connected queen card coming in the turn and especially the river. The river card would’ve made me check call..(even though I don’t think it’s the GtO move to check call) if I was in the mental state you were in. IMO

  22. Garrett Labelson says:

    I always enjoy watching your vlogs and your son is pretty cute, I hope you and your family stay safe.

  23. R Reynolds says:

    I love pocket 4's!  My most memorable hand ever:  Called a raise out of the BB with 44 and under the gun limper did as well.  Flop was 10 4 4, It goes check check, and the original raiser checked as well (with what I later found out was A 10! I still thank him for checking every time I see him)  Turn 5, I check and directly to my left bets, call, call.  River 5, and I lead figuring my direct left has a 5, and get raised (we were the 2 big stacks).  Original raiser folds and back on me. I am loving this and re-raise.  He snap shoves and I call saying "I hope you have pocket 5's".  He immediately says "do you have pocket 4's" knowing it would be a bad beat hand.  I got to drive home that night with over 30K on the passenger seat, which was the weirdest feeling in the world.  Thanks for putting out content during these strange times, and great story about how frustrating poker can be when you take it seriously.

  24. Taylor Sias says:

    I would have thought he had qj for sure. Lucky for you he did not.

  25. D. Poprich says:

    Good idea for a series of vlogs. Wow, three months already. Cute with a nice head of hair. I read some of the comments. They contain some interesting stories. I think you're giving people a little outlet while they're locked down. Thanks for the entertainment.

  26. Patrick Jordan says:

    great vlog ben

  27. Dan Fisher says:

    I liked this format. Looking forward to the next 4 memorable hands. Thanks for posting content!

  28. Thumper68 says:

    Great idea, Ben. And I really enjoyed the hand. Looking forward to the top 4.

  29. Michael Kirk says:

    Keep it up Mr Ben Deach! Great blog!

  30. TheRunningFatGuy says:

    Thanks for the vlog. Really enjoy them.

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