28 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict Ainsworth Slot Machines Bonus & Good WIN$ ! Grand Dragon Slot Bonus | SE-9 | EP-2”
  1. Shirley Rumsey says:

    Three reel machines

  2. Halngigi Slots & More says:

    Ng I love your channel I watch every video you play I’m trying to build mine. I have 44 subs can you give me some advice or help I would greatly appreciate it

  3. Ceazar Llido says:

    Money blessing slot

  4. Adam Carter says:

    I'd like to see gold bar 7's with 5 reels. It would be awesome to see that.

  5. Damon Durham says:

    Thanks for Ainsworth. My.fav. too short, 🙁

  6. Randy Rai says:

    Hey Ng can u play African extra it’s extra rewards machine

  7. Mikevelour says:

    Willy Wonka

  8. Robert Ainsworth says:

    Glad you're enjoying our machines NG.

  9. jsegura525 says:

    Nice Nice Nice
    Thanks NG.

  10. Zagros Soarss says:

    Good job NG

  11. WorkBitch24 says:

    The ticket before you said $39,000 on the machine!

  12. geronimo alfres says:

    I don’t mind what machine you play NG, for as long as you win, I’m happy!

  13. Nelson Martinez says:

    I like your positive attitude bro..buena suerte

  14. Terri Reynolds says:

    HUFF & Puff has been real sh__y but I still like to watch you play.

  15. mustangdrew says:

    Can you play more lock it links. Like lotteria and barrel festival?

  16. Nelson Martinez says:

    Play triple fortune dragon please bro high limit ..it has huge potential

  17. Nancy Wallace says:

    Play Sahara Gold

  18. valerie Degiovanni says:

    I love these machines on this episode

  19. J.D J.D. says:

    Great job as always Narek!

  20. christine b says:

    Can you try to find Choy Sun Doa / Tiki Torch nickels or higher ? I Dream of Jeanie dollars?

  21. Terri Reynolds says:

    I just found out that you and MG SLOTS were no longer friends, I'm so sorry for that. Your doing such a wonderful job in not letting it get to you. I still love you though. Your still my favorite slot player. Keep up the wonderful work.

  22. sal castillo says:

    NG i love you and your content brother you are a great guy! I would love to see a Willy Wonka session sometime i think that would be super cool to watch! either way though keep up the great content man much love…

  23. osman hzr says:

    Hi NG, can u try Clover Link please.

  24. Dan Higginbotham says:

    NG, I really like that no matter what, you always take time to acknowledge your fans and subscribers. Also, I can tell you are sincere when doing it. Up or way down you will stop the action and give them a picture.
    Good job NG!

  25. Osvaldo Claudio says:

    NG, when you get a chance play 5 reel quick hits. Good luck to u

  26. minicow22 says:

    Please play Griffin's Throne. Thank You.

  27. Jerry Palafox says:

    You in Vegas ng

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