18 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict Dancing Drums Slot HANDPAY JACKPOT | Excessive Restrict Lightning Hyperlink Bonus $25 A Spin”
  1. Richard Brough says:

    Tax on stupidity

  2. Wynn Wynn says:

    Sunday someone hit for over 100k at Sunset Station in Henderson

  3. Delfina Labrado says:

    Buena Suerte

  4. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Lots of fun

  5. Thomas Ralabate says:

    Nice hitting that at the top of the stream. Win big often….

  6. Carol Webster says:

    Hi from Michigan….catching up on a couple of the sessions I missed.

  7. Priscilla Tudela says:

    You are friendly to watching you machine especially when hit the joke pot.

  8. cris agustin says:

    Lets go

  9. Carmen Bratu says:

    Divertiti ,sei Ok!

  10. Youtuber in the Making says:

    Ng are u rich ?

  11. Susan A says:

    I enjoy watching, bc you seems so happy. Like u r having a great time. Heading to vegas in a couple weeks, if I c u I will wave. Good luck to u.

  12. Maria Escobar says:

    Hi NG! Love that jackpot on the drums!

  13. TropGuy says:

    NG, you're the best and also thanks for introducing Mr. Mikes Slots, so much fun to watch!! Play for the win!!!

  14. Ethan J. Ochoa says:

    Sup NG..sick shirt..good luck

  15. merk richards says:

    love the positivity NG…keep up the good work..one love from California

  16. Ken Meksomphone says:

    Love this game Dancing drums

  17. Ken Meksomphone says:

    Hello hello brother NG watching you from Washington DC good luck brother.

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