33 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict DRAGON LINK Slot Machine ✦BIG HANDPAY JACKPOT✦ | Reside Slot Play At On line casino | SE-7 | EP-23”
  1. Jackie Cole says:

    Congratulations on a great win my friend!!!! Merry Christmas brother ng!!!!!

  2. Susan Rogers says:

    Very nice win! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year!

  3. Bet 2 Win Cassidy says:

    NG nice job on the win!!! I watch your videos every day. Check out my video, I hit the grand Jackpot!

  4. EddieB D says:

    So I must be missing something. Lady Luck is claiming her channel (with 122,000 subscribers) made her over $38,000 for the month of November. You have almost 190,000 subscribers…yet say you lose hundreds of thousands. She is making close to $500,000/year off her “views”? I must be missing something. That is an astronomical amount of money for 122,000 subscribers. Her claim starts at around the 5:00 minute mark. Thanks. https://youtu.be/_2a1Ezyvkx8

  5. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    I don't like the drum sound. Means it's finish. Only gong.

  6. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    We love the sounds of gong.

  7. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    Have a lucky prosperous bonus to you NG. From your fans and subscribers. Asian teams. Stay safe always.

  8. Marianne Maher says:

    NG Great job ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. New Mai thai says:

    Good luck sir

  10. GamblingJo says:

    Good job NG, happy holiday

  11. Paul Hamilton says:

    I appreciate your content but no point in losing huge amounts. Set limits buddy I’m glad you take the win

  12. Paul Hamilton says:

    Brain take wins and doesn’t go negative

  13. Paul Hamilton says:

    See that’s what I’m talking about!!! Take a win bro… play more like Brian Christofor

  14. money4you says:

    hi your shows are getting boring ive unsubscribed sick of wasting my time watching every spin

  15. Antonio Sorrentino says:


  16. Pro China Aotearoa says:

    chasing the loses bro? Get at it then retire when ahead way2go

  17. Yris Gonzalez says:

    HI my Sultán

  18. Richard walker says:

    Happy Christmas NG from all in new Zealand

  19. daimlerbenzstuttgart says:

    Happy Holidays NG! We Love You here in New Jersey!

  20. Joel Beam says:

    Great session NG – especially great job cashing out at a nice big profit . I Really respect your self control , hit it and quit it 😉

  21. Diana Holliday Holliday says:

    Smart to walk away! Yay NG. 🙂

  22. Mark MacIsaac says:

    Happy Holidays Brother! Be Well! and Stay Safe!

  23. Debby S says:

    Good job NG. So glad U walked away w/that awesome profit. Now, off 2 your live-stream

  24. Kevin Seo says:

    NG ♡ wow it's first time I see !!! Minor bigger than Major OMG !! Thanks for given me happy feeling ~ good day!!!
    You 've got a get bigger one than today on tomorrow ~~~~best is yet to come

  25. jeep8778 says:

    Money is just paper to put in slot machine

  26. Luis Cortes says:

    Buena suerte NG y feliz navidad! Que ganes mucho

  27. Donna Powell says:

    Hey NG good morning happy holidays to you and family

  28. Gee S says:

    Sweet win right there! Wishing you lots more.

  29. Susan Soltero says:

    NG, curious about what day this was actually filmed. Weekday weekend

  30. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Thanks NG for always giving your subscribers/friends so much of your time. We appreciate you and all your hard work. Happy Holidays with your beautiful wife &family!

  31. Liberty says:

    Nice bonus NG, good luck

  32. Maureen Anderson says:

    Nice wins NG!!

  33. mma mmaps says:

    Good to see u win big, you deserve it Ng

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