14 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict EUREKA BLAST Lock It Hyperlink Slot Machine $25 Max Wager Bonus | Reside Slot Play | SE-7 | EP-18”
  1. Ryan says:

    You have such a high variance style of play I don't know how you can sit at a machine and just give back 1500 bucks after 3 bonus'…I know it works for you but i'd be long gone.

  2. Ray Graham says:

    Bro you got the best commentary, come on guys lol

  3. Gary Maccalla says:

    Change my time good to bad keno 5 cents from $50 free play from $75. I met wrong person at the cage. How can you tell me how to beat $ 50

  4. Nancy Mattix says:

    Sorry NG that game went cold so fast. Hopefully tomorrow will have a better result.

  5. Henrietta Gonzalez says:

    Good luck NG

  6. mike mikes says:

    reality of slot machines that it cannot give a payout to each player every time, there is always the risk of playing the machine at the wrong time.

  7. Dan E says:

    The grand on that is so high cause of me lol. I dumped 5k into that one on Sat trying to get it. Only one bonus. Not even a 20x.

  8. Procopio Batongbakal says:

    Happy Friday NG
    Be safe and good luck

  9. oculos prudentium says:

    Sometimes you get the BEAR, sometimes the BEAR gets you.
    All the best NG!

  10. Betty Boop says:

    How about a Greatest Hits & Biggest Loss video for 2020?

  11. Debby S says:

    Reality of slots…started hot, then went cold…just like all my machines. Enjoyed watching.

  12. SlotBabe says:

    NG! My favorite .

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