31 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict Infinite Treasure Slot Machine HANDPAY JACKPOT – PART 1 | Stay Slot Play In Las Vegas”
  1. Amy Mckinnon says:

    Omg! So crazy to watch you play. I work at Eldorado Hotel an Casino and use to guard high limit players. That's when coin was still around. Good luck lil jealous I'm not playing with u.

  2. Debby S says:

    Good job NG…awesome job NG. Congrats on your HP. Now off to this morning's video.

  3. May Salvador says:

    You’re awesome!

  4. Cheryl Moore says:

    Nice win!

  5. Donna Powell says:

    Lines played have to be consistent

  6. robert borgstahl says:

    mustang money

  7. Thomas Blake says:

    Bout to watch Good luck as always!

  8. Mary Sanders says:

    My favorite game to play is Buffalo Gold, so hard to hit on though.

  9. Charles Shellito says:

    Good job. I was playing machine in Wisconsin few weeks ago a machine never played before. Hit 723 dollars on a dollar spin .im like wow idk what I hit

  10. Rossana Gatta says:

    Se tu stessi un po zitto.. Sarebbe più piacevole guardare i tuoi video

  11. movadopika says:

    Cash Cave is probably my favorite, I'm usually pretty lucky on it.

  12. 이상윤 says:

    Have a nice weekend.Thank you for the interesting content.

  13. Subi Yogi says:

    Show me the power of your bonus,,let's get grand jackpot on lightning link

  14. edith nieto says:

    Good luck,NG,please play black diamond machine,sometimes.

  15. Amy McG says:

    Love endless treasures.

  16. califinn says:

    Man, feels like the casinos are paying out again… or maybe it's just the POWER of NG SLOT!

  17. Jaylene HAWAII says:

    Aloha NG… Have a great weekend. Enjoy watching you… I find it very comforting waiting for that major jackpot….Be safe my dear friend

  18. Chris Pantel says:

    Nice hit! You should try the Enforcer sometime, I think it is Ainsworth. It has huge potential in the bonus.

  19. jsegura525 says:

    Good Job NG.
    NEW MEXICO here for you to WIN.

  20. Laverne Wilson says:

    How can I get one of your bracelets…would love to have one.

  21. Jill Morriss says:

    I love the three line games and NG! I need to visit Vegas

  22. Ruben Lopez says:

    GO NG !, a shout out all the way from West Covina Ca., you go with your bad self.

  23. Sabaka4 says:

    NICE WIN! 🙂

  24. Jan M says:

    Love Mustang Money!

  25. Jim Morrills says:

    two videos per day

  26. Ahms Alim Ahms Alim says:

    Have a good day

  27. PinoyPapaPizza says:

    Good comeback bud! Looking forward to tomorrow's Diamond Queen video. Have a good one!!!

  28. Javier Varela says:

    What up" NG" it's javi.,from San Diego how you doing big man

  29. Ken Riches says:

    Thumbs ☝

  30. norma garza says:

    Hello NG good to see u again I really enjoy every game u play best of luck God bless

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