15 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict Mayan Chief Slot MASSIVE HANDPAY JACKPOT | Excessive Restrict Konami Jackpot”
  1. Iris Ruiz says:

    I love Mayan chief , I hope next time you get a full screen bonus , that would be AMAAAZING

  2. specially desigend quickwin says:

    Pick 3lottery Quickwin utube

  3. rachel thomas says:

    Konami games r all that I play. Nice hit.

  4. Darren says:

    $4500 on a $60 bet is under a 100x…. massive jackpot handpay relative to $60 is $60,000 and up but you rarely see that in casinos more likely to see it with the online guys.

  5. Rowena Lau says:

    Yes, yes
    Ng, so happy for you win the jackpot. Good job. Your yutube is so entertaining

  6. Paullette Lacroix says:

    Congrats NG! WTG! I absolutely love to see you winning my friend! Keep spinning and winning! Stay safe, and good luck!

  7. Jan Roth says:

    So glad to see you play Mayan Chief – my favorite slot!!!!

  8. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Good for you

  9. Art Pili says:

    Nice jack pot and comeback. I was hoping you would get some massive free spins. Thanks for sharing NG.

  10. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT! Enough to get coffee and still have your money! Yay!

  11. nicholas tricarico says:

    Why can't I get live video in the morning session?

  12. gregory gralak says:

    You the man good luck NG

  13. Lisa Marando says:

    Good luck!

  14. Marco Benson says:

    Hey NG, i know you arr a high limit slot player, but have you ever think about playing high limit Poker?

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