20 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict MIGHTY CASH Double Up Slot Machine Max Guess Bonus | Reside Slot Play At On line casino |SE-7 | EP-19”
  1. Robert Kap says:

    Hi NG , I hope you have a wonderful day amigo! What I notice is that when you play the games where there is a good fortune you almost never get the bonus without it. But I wish you al the luck and handpay jackpot you can get my friend. Take care amigo

  2. pepasdream says:

    Enjoy your videos I watch to learn what games to walk past lol

  3. Walid Soroor says:

    At least you didn’t lose your cool. Good job

  4. SlotBabe says:

    Tough session! But thanks for sharing NG!

  5. moe mann says:

    Mighty cash usually pays good in the bonus plus a bonus with the bonus but I guess they didn’t want you winning to much because of the betting amount you was doing, I’m go keep betting $5 and under now

  6. william gerena says:

    Good Luck NG!

  7. Imelda Welch says:

    That machine is so pathetic, I'll leave that machine long time ago

  8. Imelda Welch says:

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family, I watched you all the time, those slots are getting so tight!!!

  9. Gee S says:

    You gave it a good fight. Thank you for sharing the reality of slots NG!

  10. Maria Jackson says:

    Hey NG

  11. ann jc says:

    That slot machine was not the greatest…Don't play it anymore…there are better ones…You are still fun to watch NG…

  12. Fahad Baloch says:

    I won latest grand in mighty cash

  13. Terri Reynolds says:

    Hey NG you are the best player

  14. Clara S says:

    That was a tough session but you handled it gracefully. Hope the machines are looser next time.

  15. Dip Do says:

    Mighty Cash?? No!! Mighty No Cash!! But thanks for trying NG!! Was hoping you’d hit a big one!!

  16. ara khanbeg says:

    laves NG good luck

  17. Luke Morrison says:

    Love watching your videos NG, it's the real deal with you, win or lose.

  18. Larry Ciminieri says:


  19. ty perryman says:

    Horrible game

  20. Connie Keenan says:

    I played the same game at the same casino at that location. I think there is something wrong with the machine. No bonuses EVER!

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