30 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict MONEY LINK Slot Machine Bonuses & MAJOR JACKPOT WON | Stay Slot Play | SE-11 | EP-1”
  1. NG Slot says:

    1st EPISODE Of $1,000 CHALLENGE : https://youtu.be/EdLfqOv8cRk

  2. Art Pili says:

    Alright NG good start! I hope there will be many episodes like this. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  3. Vidette Mabrey says:


  4. bev weatherbee says:

    NG I really like your camera so clear and precise

  5. SUSAN SEGAWA says:

    Keep Singing NG, it let's me know you are winning big time. ALOHA!

  6. Steve Fillip says:

    How about some River Dragons Fire Wolf, or Gold Dragon/Red Dragon?

  7. Recep Yıldız says:

    Tombik maskeni tak.

  8. Glenda Nadal says:

    Wishing you a lot of luck this month NG!!! Thank you for always trying your best to provide good content! Love all your videos.

  9. Liliana Alvarez says:

    Nice wins my friend

  10. tonya graham says:


  11. Jens - says:

    which Software do you use for your videos? thanks and keep up showing your vids!

  12. Steve Fuller says:

    Man I get as excited watching as if I were playing! Lol. Awesome!!!

  13. Robert Oril says:

    Good things happen on the last spin! Have a great season!

  14. Runaway Rose says:

    getting a good start for the month of April . Show me the power of your BONUS !!

  15. Michael Bobb says:

    Let's go NG S

  16. OdinReactz says:


  17. Pamela Sena says:

    Gl NG

  18. mizuxsion says:

    ty for putting on your mask lol i was wondering that in the start of video

  19. Kok teong Gan says:

    Go for it. Good luck and good fortune from Malaysia.

  20. Coleen Stockman says:

    Can you play.Monopoly at some stage pls

  21. Shafik Ismail says:

    Hi NG! Good luck with session 11. How does your seasons work?

  22. Diana Holliday Holliday says:


  23. Lenora Wadsworth says:


  24. Sylvester Phillips says:

    Play 100 dollar a spin wolf run

  25. John Coyle says:

    Season 11 hope everything works out great for you make up all that lost money you'll do it

  26. wawaw swfc says:

    Time ….4 u 2 make some money ng…..good luck this month ….

  27. john jerman says:

    yah buddie kicked that machine right in the Bonus

  28. Henry Lee says:

    NG all the best n good luck in the Month of April

  29. PhillyJohnny1825 says:

    Good luck NG! Show us the power of the bonus!!!!!

  30. mostyle66 says:

    Awesome comeback!

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