30 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict QUICK HIT Slot HANDPAY JACKPOT ! Epic Comeback”
  1. NG Slot says:

    MASSIVE JACKPOT During Live Stream : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9O8FQ67_E4

  2. Art Pili says:

    Goo job NG, that's ho you do it. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  3. Oz great&powerful says:

    Great game love it

  4. Lesley Dobbins says:

    Quick hit is my favorite! Great comeback!

  5. nordina jamboy says:

    always watching ur vlog abudhabi..

  6. Daria Hagan says:

    Love the comeback!! Congratulations

  7. Javier Guevara Alzate says:

    You got up on your left foot, or you didn't take a shower today

  8. Michael Zolotov says:

    These are the worst slot machines I ever seen in USA

  9. Linda Blundell says:

    Boston Mass

  10. Linda Blundell says:

    Good luck NG

  11. Debby S says:

    OMG…great comeback! QH Riches w/its upgraded multipliers…luv it. Enjoyed watching

  12. Lesia Porter says:

    $600 and you never changed denominations..No!

  13. Kelly GoldBaer says:

    My favorite Lighting Link is High Stakes. Can you play that sometime? Good Luck NG!

  14. Cleo Fernandez says:

    Te amooo

  15. Dar's Travel & Adventures says:

    Love the Konami Games, Thank you NG
    If it lines up right, the payout is awesome. Try playing Opulent from Konami next time, I love playing this game.

  16. yolo mk says:

    NG slot at 9:16 playing a slot machine with only 10 PLAY LINES IS NOT GOOD! Always find one that haves more play lines like 50 play lines that way there's more ways to win. Tip

  17. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Good morning
    Enjoy the day

  18. Michael Bobb says:

    Morning ng do you play on weekends to

  19. petru doroftei says:

    Hy from Italia

  20. Henry Lee says:

    NG all the best and good luck from Malaysia

  21. Djudu Diiei says:

    Good luck…. FROM Jordan…. Middle east

  22. Kris Brand says:

    Fun to watch but never met a smart pokie player yet.

  23. Shania Campbell says:


  24. Carol Ann says:

    You sure like wasting a lot of money why don't you donated to the poor

  25. Cecilia White says:

    Nice come back

  26. lim doris says:

    Haha NG do u see never complains worst no of free games lol…it can give huge wins

  27. Phuong Nau says:

    Hi from Germany. Good luck

  28. Pamela Sena says:

    Gl NG

  29. Nerissa Folloso says:

    Good luck in todays game.

  30. Robert Valdes says:

    NG, I consider myself as one of your top fan. I understand that those link games are the ones you prefer maybe because of the payouts. But I would like to see you play other type of games as well.

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