18 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict Slot Black Diamond Platinum Slot & Large Win Seven Occasions Pay Slot, 9 Traces 赤富士スロット”
  1. karen brown says:

    Love the 4 reel machines ❤️

  2. Lucas Ariel says:

    The 7 times pay machine pays huge prizes when get a 49x award multiplier, keep trying you'll achieve that ! Try on a 12 times pay (and try getting a 144x jackpot)

  3. Sylvia Phillips says:

    Interesting session….2nd voucher is beautiful! No taxes! Congratulations!

  4. kissy kat says:

    Awesome, always plays old style one reel machines. Thank you.

  5. Martha Hassin says:

    Nice hits, smart play, too. Quit while you are ahead

  6. Lalana Enriquez says:

    Why did you decide to walk away after you put in $500 ? I've seen you put in $900 into a machine waiting for it to hit.you didn't feel like it was going to hit?

  7. Lucy N says:

    Akafuji where in the casino is the 7 times machine? I only know of the bonus double diamond five line game downstairs.

  8. Mary Hanson says:

    Wait until 49 times pay.

  9. ronny k says:

    Great hit Akafuji

  10. john Kulpowich says:

    Thanks for videos on 7x pay. I love that machine

  11. Connie Keenan says:


  12. Gail Lowe says:

    Just imagine if you hit that with max bet

  13. King Hanma says:

    What a win, congratulations. Have an amazing day

  14. Connie Hiday says:

    Congrats ! Merry Christmas for you and family .

  15. Lynn Murphy says:

    Red 7s woohoo

  16. Lynn Murphy says:

    Couple nice hits on 2nd machine

  17. リア充キラー says:



  18. Dania Martinez says:


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