26 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict Slot Machine Bonuses & ✦EPIC COMEBACK✦ Excessive Restrict Buffalo Gold Slot Bonus | SE-7 | EP-27”
  1. Di says:

    I really dislike the buffalo machines so much but lots of you guys play them, nice to see you play some different games

  2. Fuad Sarhan says:

    That's sad

  3. zeph Heine says:

    game is kaka ae ng

  4. zeph Heine says:

    happy jesus was born day NG

  5. Deborah Kelly says:

    I really enjoy you NG!!You
    are fun!!Show? Me the power of your bonus!!!! Come on

  6. Endri Angjellari says:

    The bonus 24 dollar 32 free games the average have to pay 2000 was very bad bonus

  7. Angela Reminiscenza says:

    Are you the only one playing on that floor? Pretty quiet? Lucky you the whole floor is yours!!!!

  8. D B says:

    Brat du vegas es mnun?

  9. L Miller says:

    Can I sit here no lol

  10. Lorraine Sullivan says:

    Good come back…getting even = like a win !!!

  11. Kenneth Ferguson says:


  12. Wynn Wynn says:


  13. Tyson_gibson says:

    Did you tell that guy he can’t sit there ?

  14. Buzzard Slots says:

    It's a good thing you have deep pockets my friend!

  15. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Soooo much fun!!

  16. Shirley P says:

    Can't understand a word you are saying

  17. Texas 114 says:

    I was wondering too why was it collecting the coins on top glad u got a bonus tho!!

  18. P K says:


  19. Gianna Bloomer says:

    Thank you Ngggg

  20. Debby S says:

    So glad U played Buddha until U hit a Bonus. I so wanted 2 see it. Great comeback!!

  21. Rocio Macedonio says:

    Good morning NG have a wonderful Sunday ☘️☘️

  22. Nadia Arda says:

    What is a fist for? Did you use a fist to get what you want?

  23. Maureen Anderson says:

    Great come back NG!!! that was fun

  24. Christine Champagne says:

    Loved watching you play Lucky Buddha. That machine was very lucky and on fire. Thank you for playing different games.

  25. Donna Powell says:

    Interesting game I played the original game on 30 cents and won $740

  26. Donna Powell says:

    Wishing you all the best in the new year upon us

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