29 thoughts on “Excessive Restrict three Reel Slot HANDPAY JACKPOT | $1,000 Problem EP-4”
  1. Art Pili says:

    That's the way to do it. Nice comeback and profit. Thanks for sharing Narek.

  2. Phil David says:

    What’s the deal with MG?

  3. Phil David says:

    Love your videos! You are the best in the business and so funny!
    How about some more fireball videos and maybe video poker?

  4. Paula Street says:

    Can you play $1000 on Wild Wild Nugget or any Wild Wild Machine

  5. Anoush Avetisian says:

    Happy Easter

  6. Blake Lawhon says:

    Last Friday at Harrahs LV, did very well on Buffalo Diamond. Might be a good one.

  7. Pamela Sena says:

    Gl NG

  8. She She says:

    luv the 3 reelers… Nice

  9. Elaine Mason says:

    Happy Easter NG. Would you play Larry the Lobster sometime? At the bonus pick catching the lobsters. Thank you.

  10. Barbra Anderson says:

    Hi NG

  11. Richard Bott Slots And More says:

    Happy Easter…Great comeback…good luck on the next one..

  12. Ian says:

    I like how they don’t give a final $100 bill cause they want a tip

  13. Kim Wilson says:

    I find that 1cent denom on 5.00 pays best on low betting

  14. B.K. Rhoda says:

    Happy Easter brother. I'd like to request you play some different games we haven't seen before even if they are old school.

  15. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    3 or 5 reel progressive machine is lucky today NG.

  16. Catherine Alexander says:

    Good afternoon good luck

  17. Samantha Stricker says:

    Your doing great!!

  18. Boss Bogan says:

    blazing 7s machine with a $5 denomination always has a progressive jackpot that starts at $7500! That $5000 is rubbish. That Casino is ripping you off. The $1 version is $1500 (minimum of 500x your max bet)…if you are betting max ($15), you are only getting 333.33x times your bet if you hit that. I find lately casinos are "streching" the meaning of the word jackpot. Whats with the $10 minis if you are bettin g $8.80 per spin?? thats not a jackpot! typically a JACKPOT would be 1000x your bet << this is the old school definition. a SUPER JACKPOT would be 10,000x your bet. It really annoys me that people are getting sucked into playing machines with shrinking jackpots. While 500x (typical blazing 7s) still qualifies in my opinion as a jackpot, anything less is disappointing. Mini=10x, Minor=50x, Major=100x, Mega=200x to 500x, Grand=1000x++ really is the standard that should be followed. 2000x if you are playing quick hits.

  19. lynn samora says:

    Top dollar

  20. Jim Buffalo says:

    That was awesome! How perfect on the last spin.

  21. Ralph Adams says:

    Also HIGH VOLTAGE BLACK OUT,high limit verison ,even my poor ass can hit on dat better than low limit verison

  22. Ralph Adams says:


  23. Syed Qurbanzada says:

    So not $1000 challenge lol

  24. Ralph Adams says:

    Spin it GRAND

  25. Maya Bell says:

    When you coming to Atlantic City NG?

  26. Debby S says:

    Comeback Kid….strikes again. Congrats on recouping your $$ & ending w/a profit. Enjoyed

  27. Joerg Michaeli says:

    Why do you bet higher than 12.50 NG? That is not the Challenge. I hoped you would bet lower. Getting huge wins wins with low bets is more interesting.

  28. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Always love your videos NG. Thanks for posting this and have a nice Easter too.

  29. Mizi Ozil says:

    I Like you Ng

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