37 thoughts on “Excessive Stakes Poker Finest Bluffs of All Time”
  1. PokerGO says:

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  2. 小軒 says:


  3. bijo720 says:

    Gabe….ur a moron
    Read a poker book

  4. Gaiet 'l bel says:

    that 4-2s hand against Phil is sooo good…

  5. Aqeel Hussain says:

    The Galfond Klein hand was just terrible poker from Galfond. Worse lay down ever

  6. sanji cyrus says:

    The day poker is entertaining to watch

  7. Mykah Music NC says:

    Phil ivey had a rat in his body afraid to call 268k vs the bluffer ehehehe…

  8. Jose Martin says:

    Le brinca el ojo jajajajaja

  9. cawreshist101 says:

    Not much of a gambler ,but the best I've seen Moneymaker vs Sam Farha In the WSP.

  10. William Evins says:

    "How much is that and how much do you have left?" Strong move

  11. G.F. Block says:

    4:57 Trump commentating ? lol

  12. nydia bravo says:

    Really wish Antonio had the A6 of diamonds in this spot against durrr

  13. Hailong Xiao says:

    This is so good. Can not believe it has been ten years already

  14. Hailong Xiao says:

    Thought the best bluff was the bluff that Dwan bluffed with 10 10 against Berrystein with AA

  15. Nicholas Maurice says:

    Can you guys turn down the intro volume. I have a panic attack every time I click on a video.

  16. berk arslan says:

    Dude why at 9:15 Doyle and that dude are saying there was a 9, how did that influence him going fed w bluff

  17. Iridule says:

    Gabe made "yuge" cool before Trump

  18. Ed G says:

    No wonder why Dwan is broke nowadays

  19. K S says:

    klein bluffing with missed spades on a board where you need to use paired hands to bluff representing a fullhouse is very scary..the funny thing is the fact that theres zero bluffs in galfonds raises on the turn king when hes playing against amateur in 3 way pot so the river bluff by klein is targetting a straight pretty effectively when the board pairs and leading 150k into him even when hes blocking the very hand hes targetting..blockers and looking for being balanced with bluffs in all spots quickly makes no sense anymore when you face situations with zero bluffing range

  20. miss slots uk says:

    Good luck ☺

  21. Tony Harris says:

    Missed Phil Hellmuth 7,2 off vs Mike Matusow KK.

  22. mike bambur says:

    Kline was the only guy that shined.

  23. scbluesman13 says:

    High stakes poker was the reason I made the jump from tournaments to live cash. I've learned so much watching these guys play over the years.

  24. wykes says:

    Doyle: But there was a 9 out there.
    Klein: There was a 9. That's the only reason that made me do it.

    Can someone kindly explain why it's easier to bluff a full house with a 9 on the board? Why would it be different if there was a 6 or 7? I do not understand.

  25. MickMasterMobby says:

    Dwan has ice in his veins

  26. Selcuk says:

    Durrrs bluff against Peter Eastgates trips was the best bluff of them all. I can even say that was the best bluff I've ever seen in my life.

  27. Mark DeFazio says:

    Best Bluffs? It's only a good bluff if they win a big pot.

  28. Wildcat 8 says:

    Ivy is usually a better reader than that

  29. borges23 says:

    I think Ivey wasn't convinced when he folded kings. He just didn't think that it was the best spot to put all his chips in.

  30. ant! says:

    Where's Dwan's Q 10 bluff ?

  31. NukSuKow says:

    Benyamine is the nut low

  32. TinyKris 2787 says:

    12:20– stfu Benyamine

  33. Aprilia Rider says:

    How much do you want to spend on the cameras?
    HSP: YES

  34. sulaiman Khan says:


  35. KingOD69 says:

    Great read by Lex and even better read by the great Phil Ivey

  36. Jsss.Invisiblr says:

    If Booth doing same action today probably get snap call by Ivey. That time probably he still have pressure with money

  37. Sinan Ogan says:

    So when Ivey does it, it is ok but if JR Bellande does it he is the biggest fish in the world?

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