32 thoughts on “Excessive Stakes Poker Finest Phil Laak Moments!”
  1. chrismd live says:

    Don't worry guys.. Mike lost 80 %his money.. justice!!! For bad etiquette

  2. richardjw87 says:

    Howard Folderer with the 8s

  3. richardjw87 says:

    Who is the girl in purple in first hand?

  4. Manuel Briceño says:

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  5. Michael Rea says:

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  6. Lance H says:

    That bluff by Perkins in the last hand might be the greatest bluff of all time. Everyone at the time could not have been more confident that he had a monster.

  7. Chris Pareago says:

    Antonius has made some soul reads in his career

  8. moo yoo says:

    wow folds AA and QQ so fast against a rich fish lol

  9. Kryzzmeister says:

    Atrocius fold with pocket Aces.

  10. Mark Challed says:

    Never seen Daniel so confused. Mike was out of line. No matter what he thinks. High Stakes Poker best show on tv ever!

  11. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    That Meltzer guy…I don't know him but he looks gross. Anyone?

  12. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    Howard "I don't know" Lederer

  13. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    I'm really surprised Mike did that. At this level, you'd think that shit would never happen.

  14. Lars Becker says:

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  15. the truth says:

    My man rolls up with a million dollars in a fuckn bag! Ugh I gotta go mix my arsenic….

  16. Finnegan says:

    Best Phil Laak hands: Phil Laak getting his lunch eaten

  17. Dakotah Welch says:

    I remember growing up watching high stakes poker late at night this brings back so many memories i don't even know if these guys still play it's been so long since I was in the poker world.

  18. neuvocastezero 1 says:

    "The rabbit ear thing hasn't made it to Israel yet." lol

  19. Thomas Hamilton says:

    This is not the best of Phil Laak! Last clip, insta fold aces to a $20,000 raise on a rainbow flop, who does that!?

  20. Strange W A V E says:

    The GOAT from another planet.

  21. TheBucketOfTruth says:

    I like Laak but these are the best moments? Come on the title should just be "High Stakes Poker Six Hands Phill Laak was in"

  22. G B says:

    Daniel is taking some wierd lines with those small 3bet with A7 and KJ.

  23. Jacob McGregor says:

    I'm amazed how bad these "best in the world" play .. they are poker celebrities. I don't believe Negreanu made money from poker. Endorsements yes, but pure profit from poker, I don't believe it. He played the K-J and A-7 so bad

  24. Zim Zimma says:

    LOL that last hand. Laak such a nit and Norm acting like a real old chunk of coal on commentary.

  25. Jason Bernard says:

    Laak makes me laugh so hard all the time. Perfect poker character

  26. iiSerpentKing says:

    AA and QQ instant folding to 65 offsuit is why I love poker.

  27. shrey monga says:

    250,000 $ worth of sushi! Classic.

  28. Brandon Daynard says:

    I thought this was supposed to be the best Phil Laak moments lol

  29. nintendokings says:

    Antonius is such a baller. Always looking sharp, playing sharp, and never seen him act out of line. Underrated compared to all the loud-mouths in poker that get the spotlight

  30. Arthur Herrera says:

    I’ve never taken laak serious as a poker player. He’s annoying to me.

  31. Ab Killsaa says:

    How is that 7s full hand v Johnny Chan not in this

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