21 thoughts on “Excessive Stakes Poker is Again! | Season 8”
  1. PokerGO says:

    High Stakes Poker returns with all-new episodes Dec 16 at 8pm ET, exclusively on PokerGO. Sign-up for PokerGO and save $20 with code HSP: https://bit.ly/3qDNxDM

  2. terry hau says:

    Season 8

  3. Allan Dennehy says:

    Gabe is great. The table is crap.

  4. J D says:

    When is Brad Owen on?

  5. Cajun Dragon says:

    It's hard for me to take a professional poker player seriously who has no idea who David Sklansky is.

  6. Alexander Stevens says:


  7. Bully Boy says:

    This and Poker After Dark! Unbeatable. Is Doyle in this season?

  8. Arun says:

    is it possible to watch videos of season 8 for free ?

  9. Effortless Awareness says:

    @0:32 Can’t believe they let Vanessa Selbst play on the fkin show…

  10. Wissam Seif says:


  11. Omnia in numeris says:

    I love the feel of this show. I thought I'd never get to feel this again.

  12. Black Eagle says:

    What a bunch of useless degenerates.

  13. David Borg says:


  14. Cajun Dragon says:

    Not confident I want an entire year. Is there a 1 week free try out code or discount for the monthly?

  15. Florian Dijkhuizen says:

    So hostile and impolite these new players

  16. CoIdnestea says:


  17. guibox3 says:

    SO glad that Gabe Kaplan is back at the helm!!!!

  18. peter nagy says:

    Great!! I wanna see Shawn Sheikhan kicking ass again. Phil the brat!. Heck i even wanna see Bob Stupak and that other old coot Jerry Buss!!

  19. Public Account says:

    I mean…you're doling these out once a week? Why? You're a pay service, not a TV station. Why wouldn't you put a whole season up for people (who pay) to watch at their leisure? Netflix figured that out long ago and it's working pretty well for them.

  20. Matt McLaren says:

    Spirit of the game

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