10 thoughts on “Extra MASSIVE WINS on Buffalo Deluxe 💥💰🤠💥 #buffalo #sanmanuelcasino #slotman”
  1. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Nice win!!! Congrats

  2. San Manuel Casino says:

    Nice run! Thanks as always for visiting!

  3. Justin Martin says:

    Nice wins big man

  4. Ricardo Ronquillo says:

    Bonus game was $1173.50. U had $101.35 in it. Nice hitttt

  5. SLOT ANGEL says:

    Nice Win Slot Man!

  6. Kajani Theepan says:

    My.Husband.rasan SIJANUSHAN

  7. Pat C. says:

    Another fantastic run on Buffalo Deluxe! Fun to see all of those sunsets! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Coby Jay says:

    Was this all on the same slot? Damn. If so, that machine was on fire!!!

  9. Bradley Gilkison says:

    Please..stop with "alright guys" can't you come up with something else to say???

  10. LowBet Slots says:

    Nice bonus runs.

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