23 thoughts on “Extra On line casino bonus solely slots From Australia that includes a really good $25 a press lightning hyperlink hit”
  1. SEASIDE Thug says:


  2. Matt Caton says:

    Nice bonus on the hold and spin! Never seen so many on one bonus…

  3. Tech Unboxing Videos says:

    I'm a new fan and supporter here. I enjoyed watching your videos. I'm here to cheer you on to keep the winning going in 2020

  4. bright view says:

    play roully please more roulette

  5. K6 Kay Six says:

    I don't get the appeal for the 'lightning link' at all, or quite a lot of the Vegas style slots in general – amazing how sticking a huge jackpot pot figure on the top gets people addicted! (I remember reading a story once about a Vegas machine that finally chucked out a few million jackpot…after being sited for over 20 years!), some of our £500 slots are quite fun to play at least…although at least there is a bit of a buzz when you go to casinos abroad unlike most of the UK ones which are like Novomatic funeral parlours!

  6. Jonathan Smith says:

    Stay off the devils wheel mate

  7. Irate Primate says:

    Can't really criticise you mate. You risk decent money, but remain humble. I hate the other channels that portray themselves as cigar smoking big shots, yet they're financially poor, addicts.
    Can pull you on them shocking trainers tho, and I'm a red (manc) so they should be half appealing, but please use your winnings to buy some decent footwear

  8. Gains Bond says:

    1:00 Anyone else think that bloke is just playing 'Peek-A-Boo'?… #JustMeThen

  9. Shane Davies says:

    N1 bud

  10. onetec amusements says:

    Hi Ross good play wish I was there have a good time

  11. Shaza . com says:

    You teaser ha ha ha well I reckon keep us all guessing. Seeing as your subscribers ain't sure if you are straight or gay I'd like to Chuck in 'How about the koogers' ? Ha ha ha ha Anyway back onto gambling I prefer the slots much more fun, the hold and spin not bad at all nice win looking forward to your next vid be lucky

  12. Jim W says:

    Another great video, keep them coming. Nice mix of slots. Now go get you some dolly action!!

  13. CuriousCow says:

    Nice video matey.

  14. Matt Bridger says:

    Great bonus with the 4 chips!!

  15. Adrian DJAGE says:

    Brilliant video bud, feeling a monster win coming soon

  16. Steve Mac says:

    Great vid again bruv

  17. alun simons says:

    Great vids have fun out there just win big that's all we ask

  18. WHITTessex says:

    Great video as always. la la la la la – It goes around the world

  19. Stefan Kingdon says:

    Best part of the vid was the bath scene for me! Keep em coming

  20. Shauna and Katie’s World says:

    I seen the reflection. All I'm going to say is I wish I was sharing that room with you!

  21. Darrell Burnett says:

    Good win on lightning. Very curious to know how you got the room comp

  22. kairi hearts AL says:

    What a legend I ain't feeling well come on YouTube and boom he uploads thanks 7 neighbors :3

  23. Ains 1402 says:

    Fantastic video Mate well done on the win keep it coming .. wanna see you win another grand 😉

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