24 thoughts on “Fast Hit Fever BONUS! Fast Hit Wild Blue Slot Machine! Good Hit!”
  1. Chaleman R says:

    And ur hair OMG flashbacks. Your femininity in a current atmosphere of trash is so attractive!

  2. tony mazziotti says:

    I'm halfway thru this video and I'm begging this machine to give this absolutely divine lady some free games

  3. Michael Morgan says:

    Sarah, my wife thinks you're a cutie. I wouldn't dare to disagree with her…lol

  4. Chief 3 says:

    Well hell I started to laugh because so close but so far away next time

  5. Darren Nakamoto says:

    Will you be in Vegas ending of April?

  6. Tara Cat says:

    Like the old quick hits

  7. Lebofilms says:

    Is it just me or does the Free Games Fever symbols look like a mouth with teeth?

  8. Paul Yanopulos says:


  9. Rosa Mitchell says:

    At 6.00 a spin!! Now i know why some ppl hit the machine!!

  10. Randy Suyematsu says:

    I have played a lot of the Quick Hit machines, and have won, but like you, never anything beyond a few hundred.

  11. daver8521 says:

    You may have lost, but that was a beautiful comeback, nonetheless!

  12. Jason Rhodes says:

    Our sweet Sarah always so very sweet and kind, she's hilarious too she's something else, I'm not to sure about the slot part but she's certainly a lady, and deserves respect…

  13. Mike Kiledjian says:

    Love watching your videos keep up the good work I have a question I’m coming to Vegas this weekend for five days what is your favorite slot machine to play.

  14. Cecil Burns says:

    Quick hit fever? never felt so cool

  15. Party Marty says:

    Sarah, don’t feel too “blue” you almost totally turned it around so it was almost fun. I did miss the split screen view of you, though.

  16. Tom M says:

    The 5 quick hit payout saved the day. All those spins and money to get the free spins and it was no better than a regular line hit. I guess this was at the Plaza at the BC Slots area, as you didn't say where you were playing at the beginning.

  17. Jeff Ng says:

    I'm surprised you lasted that long on that game. The free games are far, and few, and when you do get it they're usually dead spins. Well keep spinning them slots Sarah.

  18. Timothy Harrold says:

    At least you got some of your money back Sarah , could’ve been real bad !

  19. Rudy Meunier says:

    Slt bonne chance Sarah

  20. Chris P says:

    Blue is my favorite color , and you are my favorite Sarah … lol

  21. paul campagna says:

    Do not like the back ground music. I understand if you had to drown out copyrighted stuff, but I couldn't watch it with that music. Edit: I fast forwarded and it shut off. – Going to assume it was for copy-right purposes.

  22. MrTnbopp123 says:

    Another 20 minutes of them eyes! and hopefully some wins ♥

  23. Shane Peltier says:

    Goodluck hotlady

  24. Andrew Castro says:

    First comment! Lol

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