6 thoughts on “FEDOR HOLZ Poker Documentary – The Story of Fedor Holz”
  1. Jeffrey K says:

    Great video bro!

  2. Hadrotux says:

    You didn't get it right, why he siad he would quit.
    It was because of a high roller tournament which only invited business man and retired pros. That's why he said that he would retire. xD

  3. Raoul McWenna says:

    Did he went to Hyper-Space ? 😉

  4. Bobby NuTz Poker says:

    Do Ali Imsirovic, pls.

  5. Rahul Amarnani says:

    I'm playing MT cash games 5 tables. 2 NLh tables .8-.16 and 2 pl zooom .5-.10. and one SD .5-.10

  6. Rahul Amarnani says:


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