13 thoughts on “☄️ Final BIG WINNING on $10/Spin Final Hearth Hyperlink Slot Machine”
  1. ronald papa says:

    My favorite game!!!

  2. Jesse Montero says:

    Love your videos!! Your interesting af

  3. Brenda in Colorado says:

    If you hit the MEGA, you don't get any of the other ball that have dropped.

  4. Drissa Thornton says:

    Woot! Nice!

  5. Fredz Slots n Stuff says:

    "Dangit that Mega is not bigger than Slot Queen Hit" Your the Best, Love It

  6. dee tedder says:

    Brian I have noticed the longer you talk in between your hits the more you lose your bonuses on fire balls.

  7. MissSkinnDeep Unapologetically says:

    #Brian what Casinos out there in the desert has the James Bond 007? Thanks for your help in advance.

  8. Shellay Slight says:

    Hey Brian, Thank you so much for bringing Boris out tonight. That is my absolute favorite game ever. You use to play him a lot more and I miss that. You introduced me to him and I don't play anything else now when I can get on a machine with him. He is always very good to me. I hope you will play him more. Loved this!!!!

  9. Street Wolfe says:

    I was JUST about to ask if this was your best Borris run, and at 15:20 you confirm that.

    seriously inspirational run right here! sometimes the game you love, loves you back unexpectedly haha. congrats!

  10. Jorge Torres says:


  11. Gaming Lady says:

    That was some great playing!!!

  12. Lindy lue Alexander says:

    I don't think I have ever seen that hit that many times. Good luck

  13. Judith Valencour says:

    Stall and stall. To much drama from you!

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