29 thoughts on “FINAL Buffalo Revolution 💰 $22/Spin ➡ NON-GROUP GROUP SLOT PULL #Problem PART 2”
  1. lyn xiong says:

    So his strategy is if the group pull is bad he goes back to the same machine to play more cause its bound to hit again. Lol

  2. akasbm says:

    That was a big surprise!

  3. Shelly Wellman says:

    Big win Brian! Good luck! Banza!!!

  4. Steven Johnson says:

    Last month I was @ Chumash in Santa Ynez, CA and a man on BG retriggered for 172 total spins, got all gold heads and was only betting $1.80
    I was floored with his win of $10,544.

  5. Tomas Avila says:

    Best of luck!! Even though I went for yesterday. Wish you the best

  6. arcadian mystic says:

    did they have their card in when they hit it or put it in AFTER it was hit? i have never had a hand pay ever and i have spent tens of thousands in casinos….i am snake bit…..

  7. Twin Twinsfun says:


  8. Shorti Bang says:

    Hello. I've never been to a real casino before. But cant the reels be stopped when you see 3 or more buffalo or coins about to line up?

  9. gary corning says:

    Enjoyed the two day event, had voted for yesterday and would have liked to have had you tell us how much each day did on today's ending. Still it was a very good run on both days. Thanks for the video(s).

  10. LIZ LIVES LUCKY says:

    I also startle easily. When my boys were young they thought it was the funniest thing to try to startle me. I finally told them it hurt my heart and they stopped…lol

  11. Metro says:

    Trish reports to herself

  12. alex ojideagu says:

    Who's the woman who's always with Brian? I just always see her in the background but no info on her.

  13. Kelly Kelly says:

    My comment went up yesterday before I watched most of the video. Sorry I guessed correctly.

  14. Cynthia Graff says:

    You can't get a tighter casino! Not my cup of tea!

  15. Erick Harris says:

    I been waiting for day 2!! Lol

  16. Me Miss Marie says:

    Wow that is crazy. 110 spins and no bonus. That’s terrible!

  17. Ian Dixon says:

    66% return…piss poor.

  18. MaggieRocks218 says:

    When are you coming to Resort World in Queens?!

  19. Betsy Clyde says:

    I love Buffalo . I get excited watching you play the games

  20. troy schwarz says:

    I voted today…good luck Brian

  21. songbird372 P says:

    Coins are so pretty!! Nice colors!

  22. Steve Green says:

    Not very good

  23. songbird372 P says:

    Quick adding!!

  24. Loraine Robbins says:

    Coin coin coin!!!!

  25. Ronda Magliane says:


  26. Diane Gaudet says:

    its more active tonight.. and thank you ,,, you want me to text BRITT

  27. Chris Iwaskow says:

    cmon todays my day to winna

  28. Cynthia DeRousse says:

    Guess some of us jinxed you!

  29. K Wil says:

    Brian is such a drama queen, be thankful your fan was comfortable enough to come up and say hi.

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