20 thoughts on “Finest On-line On line casino Websites – 2021 Record”
  1. MrUssh says:

    Brilliant Alex. Thanks

  2. Jack Smith says:

    Can you make more videos about blackjack


    Good to see you again! Keep it going!

  4. ETBL NUGGETS says:

    Hi Alex greetings from Canada. Thanks for the work you have put in. I visited the Genesis site and tried the play for fun feature for "Advanced Roulette" using the safest method (.10c bet) and the 5/8 10/11 13/16 etc strategy. After 30mins I was up $50. Before I deposit money should I be using the Advanced Roulette game? and is that the only roulette game you recommend on the safe casinos listed.

  5. Casper Mutsaers says:

    Can you also do it on Live Casino Roulette on Unibet?

  6. Videoyun Günlükleri says:

    great footage and beautiful morning

  7. Mustafa akbaş says:

    ️love ❤️

  8. MucizeKara Kedi says:

    Very beautiful❇ ❤️

  9. nolhan blanchard says:

    I really wanted to earn money from online casino but I was not sure about which casino will be best for me but this video has solved my problem. Thank you!

  10. david van der meer says:

    Wow this is the best list about best online casino! If you dont know how to walk away with 300 k your gonna be stat in that chair for the rest of your life pissing your money an your winnings away for ever an I say that in a nice way

  11. Elisabeth Winter says:

    You have created a nice list..we can't trust every site that comes up… I think royal vegas is the best choice on the list

  12. Suzanne van der Westhuizen says:

    Thanks as usual for great video guys, just a tiny suggestion from me! I don't know if you try to keep a video certain length but the Extra chilli bonus felt quite rushed towards the end. I know it was a long one being 24 spins but felt like we were glossing over spins and cascades that were amounting to about 100x with that huge multiplier. Just an observation, there are much more important things going on as ever. Cheers again

  13. Isabell Hofmann says:

    It's a good review, i'm gonna try one of these online casinos to play

  14. Hot Motors American Performance says:

    Subscribed to your channel! Really nice video compliments and great job to recognize the best online casino, I'm in London and I was using G.I. too!

  15. Tuna Tepecik says:

    Excellent video. Thanks for the good tutorial you have provided in identifying online casinos.

  16. Yiyelim İçelim says:

    Thank you…the casinos that you have recommended on the list all work in UK?

  17. Yaşar says:

    Alex, great video, thanks! I understood perfectly how to recognize the best online casino in a short time! you are the best

  18. Edeb Dergahı says:

    Alex you are a legend, thank you for this wonderful video!

  19. Ters Düz says:

    wow exactly what I was looking for! Thank you

  20. Gambler Casino says:

    Here you can find the list of the best online casinos https://bly.ink/BestOnlineCasinos
    See you soon, Alex

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