36 thoughts on “Finest Phil Hellmuth Poker Unhealthy Beats & Blow Up Moments!”
  1. FuryTV says:

    Let us know what you would like to see next! Thank you for watching 🙂

  2. Jex2112 says:

    I don’t understand.. it was a full house vs full house situation, why is it worse to have that, than to make up that you had a straight which is a lower hand?… is it because if he makes him think it was a straight then it makes him look like he’s more of a gambler because he played it with nothing until the flop? I find that weird…

  3. xHoney_Badger says:

    Is this guy really getting a head rub? Lol

  4. mikechef1806 says:

    Phil is the worst self-proclaimed "best player"!!!

  5. Scott Bergeron says:

    Why is that idiot getting a massage during the hand?


    Whoever writes bs about hellmuth here is ignorant.every player in this world would lose these hands period. He is flopping fives full of aces and turn makes another full and he still said it but you cant lay down this hand. So donkeys here take a step back for this person and keep playing your 5$ buy in tournaments.pls.i definitely dont like his persona but in this video played excellent. He might should bet the flop with jungle man but was a dry board so i guess he didn't want to scary him away. So simple

  7. Ravishing Beast says:

    Is it me or is Hellmuth looking more and more like Matusow as the years pass?

  8. Wildcat 8 says:

    That’s the worst beat ever. Flopping a Ace’s full of 5’s then getting dropped kicked on the turn with a higher full house. How can you fold that hand lol

  9. H Tack says:

    What a pimp just got some chick massaging

  10. Chris Michaels says:

    Phil "Cry-Baby" Hellmuth.

    The name rolls right off the tongue!!!

  11. Arnold Vongvirath says:

    Phil, why are you telling lie you on youtube dude.

  12. 8Jallin says:

    I'm not saying Hellmuth is DrDisrespect, I'm just saying that I never seen Hellmuth and DrDisrespect in the same room.

  13. Torben Hornbak says:

    Juha Helpi, if not for poker, he would be a fukcing nobody nerd wanking of every day.

  14. Media Buster says:

    I didn't enjoy the video so I won't subscribe because of your annoying announcements and CLlckbait title.

  15. JoeShit TheRagMan says:

    None of these clips had even close to a Helmuth blowup

  16. Max Terry says:

    I hope these pro’s are more real with him off camera! But if I were one of these younger pro’s who are just so far ahead of him in cash I would bring it so hard. I would drill it into his deluded mind that he is so trash and how much better they are at the game than he is

  17. nico belecic says:

    I would love if someone could find the clip of Viffer to Hellmuth saying: "Welcome to valuetown… population you.

  18. Art Madrid says:

    as long as Helmuth loses, it is always a great vlog. This despicable idiot is an all time moron

  19. Art Madrid says:

    enjoy it much as long as the idiot helmuth loses, always great to watch this despicable moron

  20. mats johansson says:


  21. I don't Remember says:

    jungleman douche

  22. Macks J says:

    Goooooddd the massages are so fucking douchey and cringe. I mean do what you gotta do but fuckkk is it lame

  23. ninja mane says:

    Dude getting head rub the whole time hahahahahaha xD

  24. JWReichert says:

    Juha FTW..all time troll!!

  25. Michael Vukovic says:

    I think he loves to be hated. Cuz he's won like 15 tournaments, including the main event (like 30 years ago). All they show are his losses or bad beats. Maybe if he acted like a nicer human being, he'd win more.

  26. Richard Bishop says:

    Titled "Best Phil Hellmuth Poker Bad Beats & Blow Up Moments!". half way through and not one blow up!

  27. Forrest Johnson says:

    Devilfish looks like Johnny Cash

  28. Ralph Macchiato says:

    Hats, sunglasses and making sound with the stacks should be banned.

  29. Tippel says:

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  31. CellarDoor says:

    @1:11 watching that lady give Jungle a massage mid hand when Jungle has to keep a straight face was the creepiest thing ever

  32. JAYW0151 says:

    Phill looks like the young fella off “making a murderer”

  33. AshtrayAnnie says:

    the massaging makes this shit so weird. honestly they need to scrap that shit. trying to sell sex cause there are rarely women at the table

  34. Armen M says:

    No one can get under Phil’s skin like tony g

  35. The Devils Milk says:

    Pls any complete full table with stu unger especially the one where here wins with 10 high and before showing he’s amazing call he says your holding 5-4 or 5-6 I call. And wins the tournament with 10 high. I need to see this.

  36. Fact Man says:

    Haven't had the urge to punch any one more than the dipshit getting a head massage! This includes the asshole who shoved a lady to grab the last toilet paper in the grocery store.

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