19 thoughts on “First Hand I'm All In w/High Set In 5 Handed Pot!! Poker Vlog Ep 150”
  1. Billy Tatum says:

    Why did they pull the video?

  2. William Rael says:

    Aria is the only poker I've played in Vegas. Love the atmosphere and vibes

  3. Александр Кузьмишевич says:

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  4. tsquickgt1 says:

    Seeing sessions like this makes me feel so much better about my long term solid play. Losing sessions don’t bother me at all anymore. It happens to the best of us. Always tomorrow.

  5. Gareth Probert says:


    Fucking hate youtubes ridiculous authoritarian rules.
    Love your content watch all your shows couldnt imagine why you would get a strike

  6. Mark Jones says:

    We need more Marvin in your videos

  7. keystone kopz says:

    hi marvin

  8. Andrew Drennan says:

    In a channel chock full of one-liners, the “LEED Certified” bit was the funniest one yet.

  9. J F says:

    Nothing like a consistent stream of being dealt 8-3, J-2, etc. The horrible session compounds with the even more challenging situation of limited spots to play napkins

  10. DPTAZZZ says:

    Marvin the Martian ???

  11. DPTAZZZ says:

    Love the Aria.. won the most there playing their tourneys.. gorgeous venue..

  12. LifetimeGrinder says:

    MUG April 14th for one of your biggest fans!?!?

  13. A K says:

    Hi Brad, what poker tracking app do you use?

  14. Explosive Toast says:

    What app does he use to track the winnings on loses.

  15. MisterEC1 says:

    And win you lose to the donkeys, remember, they supply the money.

  16. El Daniel says:

    Which Microfon are you using ?

  17. Sethusk says:

    Ah, good old YouTube, where they'll push your videos out to people through an algorithm and then hit with a strike at the same time.

  18. Muskoka Matt says:

    What was the reason for the video being pulled or flagged

  19. Steven Washington says:

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