31 thoughts on “FIRST 🔷 JACKPOT 🔷 OF 2021 🔷on Black Diamond”
  1. Ricanraider says:

    Truly the King of Comebacks

  2. Slot Mania says:

    Nice way to start the New Year, Congrats!!!

  3. Charles Runnells says:

    Way to go BCslots your so great thank you

  4. Nicole Davis says:

    Wait?! There’s a BONUS FOR THIS GAME!!! How?!?!?

  5. Singing Cricket says:

    If you watch the original movie, this slot will make much more sense. Karate Kid!

  6. Pamela Garza says:

    How is Marco doing I don’t seem him very often ??

  7. Angel says:

    Wow that was a come back for the kid for sure. Both of them. Wowza!

  8. Vanessa Otero says:

    Congratulations Brian for that nice jackpot. 2021 is going to be your year with lots of hand pays. Love the karate kid machine.

  9. Michelle lilljack says:

    Lol….weren't expecting that….could hear it in your voice…so glad…starting the New Year off right!

  10. Fruit Sims says:

    Great stream Brian!

  11. Diane Schmoopy says:

    I can't tell you how much I enjoy your videos I've been watching them on the television since I have a new provider that offers YouTube .My grandchildren say oh nelly since they watch with me when we have a brake from remote learning .Thank you for making me laugh in really tough times I'm from N.Y. And it's ridiculous here.We watched the karate kid today ,bonsai or bansa!

  12. Pat Silk says:

    New name for you. The come back kid.

  13. Judy Johnson says:

    Happy New year from San Antonio Texas, us Texans must be born gamblers, lol.

  14. Sau Nguyen says:

    That is a good start of winning for 2021 on Black Diamonds. Congratulations Brian and Britt. Happy New Year.

  15. Annette Jones says:

    Happy new year brian from Barbados

  16. Tammy Heffernan says:

    Congrats on Black Diamond!!

  17. William Vannorman says:

    happy new year you and britt made my 2020 bright thank you even win you lose u still laughted it off.

  18. James Russler says:

    Love people with 2 first names.!!

  19. califgirl101 says:

    7:03 First jackpot of the New Year! How sweet is that!

  20. Kat Morris says:

    This is my very Favorite slot❣ I get the free spins all the time at Red Rock in Vegas … sometimes three spins in a row!!

  21. Deborah Simmons says:

    Congrats on the win. Banza.!!!

  22. Agnes Smith says:

    Hi Brian… Lucky start in the New Year.. That is a good omen !

  23. M Christiansen says:

    Happy New Year my man!!! Wish they would open our casino here!

  24. cassandraq cassandraq says:

    Wow…nice jp!!!

  25. Tina Cromatie says:

    Happy new year n happy spinning may 2021 me a great year for u

  26. James Poandl says:

    Congrats Brian can’t wait to see the future jackpots ahead for you this year

  27. NovaStrike PFAdmin says:

    Karate Kid game knows you didn't see Season 3 yet. Probably should see Season 3 so your luck can turn around 😉

  28. xiamxmex says:

    I swear he said $90 a spin on the karate kid game…

  29. Yolanda Alvarez says:

    Happy New Year Brian, Marco and Britt, when were you at San Manuel Casino?

  30. Laraine Cerda says:

    Nicely done ✅

  31. 蔡岳洋 says:

    7:07 if your looking for the jackpot spin

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