30 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Jeopardy Slot Machine 📺 $20/Spin”
  1. Brian Christopher Slots says:

    In loving memory of Alex Trebek. We filmed this weeks ago and scheduled it for today without knowing we’d soon lose a legend.

  2. Valerie Roper says:

    Love your channel. Long time watcher…. But it drives me crazy that you say BANZA! You know it's Bonsai right?!?!

  3. Christine Duval says:

    Sweet you played it and rest in peace Alex Trebek

  4. Me and You Hello says:

    final double jeopardy was fun !

  5. Judith Harrison says:

    Hi BrianChristopher, I enjoyed the New slots for January 2021. Hopefully, Coronavirus will be gone, and Vegas here I come.

  6. sherry johnson says:

    Dagong it! Win big

  7. kelperdude says:

    Boo. You should have gone on in double jeopardy.

  8. Sandra Perry says:

    The passing of Alex Trebek is so very sad. He sure was A Class Act.

  9. Norma Ames says:

    Hi Brian from Denver, Colorado

  10. H. Shaw says:

    Fun watching the jackpot bonuses. Alex Trebek RIP

  11. cassandraq cassandraq says:

    Bonus is Chinese water torture!

  12. Bob Lancaster says:

    I remember watching BC when he drank regular water.. Now he’s moved up to Fiji..lol

  13. Susie Smith says:

    On Jeopardy to be honest I would’ve seen what 2nd choice would’ve been but my luck it wouldn’t be nothing kinda like Top Dollar does to me. You my friend did great. Really wish Diamond Queen had given that bonus.

  14. james jenicek says:

    Being only a video poker player, I would play that Jeopardy machine.

  15. Shirley Rumsey says:

    Awesome win!!!!!!

  16. Fayette Brewer says:

    That is why you are the comeback king. Go Brian. Hello to Britt from Fayette in Dallas, TX. We met at Choctaw . I watch your videos everytime you post one. Love to see you win and your catch words are hilarious

  17. Ken O says:

    Actually an old Game, I played a version 10 years or so ago. I loved it ! probably because I won a few bucks. I imagine it will be in demand now ! RIP Alex Trebek. There is not one of us that haven't played along and answered on TV to see how smart we are!!!

  18. Ryan Yongosona says:

    Rest in Power both Sean Connery and Alex Trebek. Both my favorite skit on SNL.

  19. gumby2412 says:

    Nice Play Brian!..I had client who lived across from Sony studios in Culver City..and saw Alex Trebek a few times in his car..may he RIP. Thanks!

  20. Vanessa Otero says:

    I love Jeopardy. My kids and I watch it everyday. RIP Alex Trebek. Congratulations on your winnings.

  21. Alyson Belizaire says:

    Take offer

  22. D Smooth says:

    R.i.p Alex trebek

  23. StarWarsDork says:

    RIP Alex Trebek

  24. Michelle Alexander says:

    Gm Brian and Britt happy tuesday Vowza Schnauza beautiful win

  25. Raquel Chantz says:


  26. Diane Gaudet says:

    Thank you again,, You are the Best

  27. Mary Harris says:

    Good morning from Memphis Tennessee

  28. Debra Clark says:

    I love your channel, that’s why I joined for a year. You and Marco are so cute together. Line it up

  29. AgentReid007 says:

    It was good seeing you play the Jeopardy Slot machine in memory of the late great Alex Trebek. There will never be another Alex Trebek in our lifetime. RIP Alex Trebek

  30. Leticia Jackson says:

    I watch you all through the day and and night playing the games

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