32 thoughts on “👀 First Look: Penny Pier Slots 🎡 The Most Enjoyable EVER at Choctaw On line casino Durant #advert”
  1. Karen Fuller says:

    Love your mask, how do I get one. Love watching you

  2. Annie McDougal says:

    Were those 2 women at the beginning poster people on how NOT to wear a mask properly? That was totally weird.

  3. levi southern says:

    awesome to see you playing here in oklahoma!

  4. Tanya Fredrickson says:

    The two in the beginning are not wearing their Mask correctly!

  5. Charles Herrera says:

    Hello Brian: Great Showmanship. Is it possible to disclose the profit and loss of casino playing slots? This would give many players a realistic look at what they can expect to make or lose playing the slots.

  6. Vanessa Otero says:

    Brian I love the penny pier machines. They look fun to play on.

  7. Arthur Daniel says:

    I have to add my congrats. That was such a great surprise. You do such a great job Brian. And Britt is such a great support for you. Happy new year guys!
    Chrs, Art

  8. Vera Wroe says:

    Love Letter (A billet doux)

  9. Paula Friedman says:

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your channel has been a life saver to both me and my 90 yr old Mom. We started to watch your vlogs earlier this year and it helped us get thru not being able to go to the casinos in the meantime. We wish you and your family a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  10. Petetheheat says:

    Obviously this was filmed before the tequilla challenge with Brit. Continuity error. Its really the second look. Should have been before the former.

  11. Simon cavazos says:


  12. Sunny says:

    masks over nose and mouth please.

  13. Denise Brooks says:

    Congratulations. Thanks for sharing

  14. Jeff NotNuts says:

    They have not fired the $10 bell dude yet? Nuts.

  15. Brady Lowe says:

    Going to be there new years day šŸ™‚ looking forward to some fun! Hope to see ya there! I'll most likely be all over the lord of the rings game on the non smoking side

  16. PattiB says:

    Nice new game. I'm not around that much, but who is the girl always laughing in the background?

  17. Elmer Morales says:

    when you come to the Pennsylvania sands casino

  18. Sandra Martinez says:


  19. Bianca Donici says:


  20. Bianca Donici says:

    Prediction money bags win

  21. Bianca Donici says:

    6 hearys

  22. daren branstetter says:

    Just letting you know on vgts your playing against other vgt players bingo read the rules on screen

  23. Pam Gonzalez says:

    Doux means sweet…

  24. Kimo Morse says:

    I like to see BC do a thousand spins on one slot machine?? Lol

  25. James Poandl says:

    Glad your having fun Brian keep them coming

  26. Maureen Anderson says:

    Good Morning!!B&B & M thanks for bring the fun!!!

  27. tigersan34 says:

    The hearts multiplier is for your bet

  28. Leila Kaczala says:

    Why are you taping people wearing masks incorrectly…noses not covered is not the proper way to wear a mask!!!

  29. joe13LP says:

    So strange the "Step Right Up" slot is called "Test Your Strength" over here in Aus. Exactly the same machine. Weird how it's different over there haha

  30. Rob Denommee says:

    those bells would drive me insane

  31. Penny Baker says:

    Have you been to the Turning Stone casino in New York???

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