43 thoughts on “FIRST TIME WATCHING A JAMES BOND MOVIE – On line casino Royale!!!”
  1. Ryan Hampson says:

    I want to say this Bond film was more of an origin story…Vesper's death explains why Bond never gets close to anyone.

  2. John Fuentes says:

    Natalie: If you get a chance to see the original James Bond movies with Sean Connery….you will learn to appreciate both Sean Connery's and Daniel Craig's interpretation of the role. Daniel Craig's version is grittier. and Sean's version is cooler. But I enjoy both. Roger Moore's version of James Bond was too tongue in cheek for my taste and Pierce Brosnan wasn't bad.

  3. John Fuentes says:

    Natalie…you're really cool…but your comment about what is it with all the casinos and gambling……well the movie is called CASINO Royale.

  4. John Bullard says:

    Too bad you can't turn people on to the greatest films of all time, from the 20's till today. Check out AFI list of greatest movies to start. There are really old movies that are absolute masterpieces that every real movie lover should experience.

  5. John Bullard says:

    I wish you would react to THE HIDDEN, a little-known sci-fi body-switching alien flick with a great comedic undercurrent.

  6. Grim says:

    Blade runner 2049, interstellar, inception, prisoners, sicario, mad max fury road, Logan, heat, goodfellas, saving private Ryan, wind river, hell or high water and so many more. If you haven't seen any of these you need to. 100%

  7. SunstateSnipr1K says:

    What’s with all the poker

    Casino royale. Helloooo loll

  8. Dan Eckhardt says:

    You definitely need to check out the first Casino Royal movie with Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, and Orson Wells.

  9. gr3yh4wk1 says:

    Daniel Craig bond is way too serious. Give me the goofy gadgets, bad guy island and Jaws any day.

  10. Michael Girouard says:

    Of course you have questions. You should do a little homework going into this. You'd appreciate what you're seeing a little more.

  11. tilen štruc says:

    OMG natalie…THE GAME…now i have to start ower 😀

  12. Logan Kerlee says:


    Holy shit, this was so much fun to watch! xD It's CRAZY that you haven't watched them before. This was an alright one to begin with. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  13. castle07dw says:

    I recommend all Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig Bond films

  14. Jiaqi Niu says:

    007 is a coded license "titled" License to Kill

  15. KelticRogueYT says:

    "Quantum of Solace" is the follow-up after loss of his love "Vesper"

  16. KelticRogueYT says:

    returns to DB5 Aston Martin from James Bond iconic movies, that's his origiinal car

  17. KelticRogueYT says:

    "00" ~ License to kill, the "7" is his agent number I believe

  18. Agnes Akne says:

    straight, long hair pls

  19. Marc Ribe says:

    Casino Royale is the first James Bond story. Meaning the first book written about this character. So you started with an excellent story. Dr. No should be your next should you choose to go down this rabbit hole.

  20. Arun Mohan says:

    What is the music starting at 24:12? Been searching for this for some time now.

  21. M B says:

    It's like showing your girlfriend your favourite Bond movie and she talks inanely through the whole thing.

  22. M B says:

    Lasted about 45seconds into the movie review. Sheesh what an annoying reaction, didn't know anything about anything,

  23. cliff stewart says:

    This film showcased Bonds 'first' kill, the lad that falls from the stairs is bonds actual first kill, casino royal is an early bond as a person

  24. Steve The Duck says:

    The James Bond books are 'of their time' – the 1950s and -60s, informed by events in the 1940s when the author worked in British Intelligence.
    The 1960s films are of their time, women are disposeable pawns, agents are allowed to kill people, the Soviets are murdering agents anywhere under SMERSH rules ('smert spionam' = 'death to spies') and mad scientists or rogue agents are causing no end of trouble.
    The films mutated away from this to the traditional 'mad genius / agent wants to conquer the world with two stolen nuclear devices /ships / spaceships' story.
    They also tend to follow trends in other films: blaxploitation, kung-fu, science fiction, in the 1970s.
    The re-boots with Daniel Craig were a breath of fresh air, being superior action films, but it's not James Bond as the author intended.
    In fact very few of the books have actually been made into films; 'Dr. No' and 'From Russia With Love' however, have.

  25. Steve The Duck says:

    The '00'' prefix is based in the 'twenty committee', or 'XX' (or double cross) system, who turned and re-used enemy agents during WWII (inside British Intelligence, or the SIS, or MI5 and -6).
    Agents who could not be turned were usually executed as enemy spies during WWII, but tended to be traded for others held by the opposite side/s in peacetime.
    This keeping, observing, turning and interrogation of agents, theirs and ours, process, is also the origin of the 1960s TV series 'The Prisoner'.

    Modern James Bond films have almost no connection with this history any more, but Ian Fleming the author, definitely did.

  26. Ranerdar says:

    I'd definitely recommend checking out at least one of the Connery, Brosnan, and Moore movies.

  27. Freddy Spence says:

    So I just found your channel and this was the first reaction I watched because I’m a Bond nut!! I’ve read almost all the books and out of all the Bonds Daniel Craig is by far the closest to the Bond in the novels. Bond in the books was a straight up killer!!

  28. Phil Ging says:

    Difficult to drop in on a Bond movie without any prior knowledge – try reading the Bond books but I don't want to watch you doing it.

  29. Pannemat says:



    That was my reaction too when I saw Eva Green for the first time.

  30. Jasko says:

    check the ones with Pierce Brosnan…. current Bond isnt too good imo

  31. John Blacksmith says:

    imo Daniel Craig is the worst bond of all time and all the films have been boring as fcuk!

  32. Jorshes says:

    i j u s t l o s t t h e g a m e

  33. KYZA619 says:

    "Eww"? What? Why?

  34. WilmoTheBear says:

    The best Bond movie was the first one, no bond movie will ever be like that again.

  35. Armageddon2077 says:

    My favourite James Bond movie is 'Licence to Kill'

  36. Mike Tocci says:

    I loved Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. I enjoyed Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton too. I even liked the George Lazenby Bond movie. But Daniel Craig is awful as Bond and these movies stink, he plays a differen character than any of the other guys and its unrecognizable, and not just physically. I watched the first two in the theater and finally had enough when I walked out of the third. And this new one looks to be the worst of yhen all, whenever it finally comes out it's sure to tick off half of the fans that are left. Thank God for the Bluray set with all the good ones and the tons of special features so they can be rewatched at a pretty decent price.

  37. Captain Guts says:

    Personally a Goldeneye fan, but that could be because of the game.

  38. Bryan Riel says:

    Goldeneye, From Russia With Love, and Skyfall are some of my favorites – if you wanna see Bond at his campiest, be sure to check out Moonraker and Die Another Day.

  39. ClutchPedalReturnSprg says:

    Unfortunately the volume balance for the movie was too low. Spoiler.

  40. Steve Mercer says:

    The idea for this film comes from a real life attempt to steal money from the Germans during WWII. Fleming ended up loosing millions to the nazis because he lost.

  41. Chanilka De Silva says:

    16:29 "BOOOOONNNDDD!!" Idk why but the way you said that cracked me up lol

  42. Ray Talbot says:

    Casino Royale was the first bond story not made in to a film in the main film stream, hence the getting 00 status, & the silver Aston Martin was an icon in all the first bond movies, that he won in this movie.

  43. 007 Wars says:

    I think that Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond, and if it’s not him then it’s 100% Sean Connery. But I think that this might be my favorite Bond film. It’s so good

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