31 thoughts on “Flopped four SETS in a Row for Stacks!”
  1. Shane Thompson says:

    Sets are boring

  2. Joe Lazar says:

    I think on the 66 hand, if you’re willing to call half your stack on the turn, you might as well jam the rest there. But if it were me, I might just find a fold to the raise.

  3. Ken says:

    That 66 fold was painful to watch man..

  4. Picaso Danis says:

    Hey man am going to play The free roll in ur club High Societytoday Do u take Paypal If I Somehow Run good and Win ?

  5. Josh Prenot says:

    Hey brother….have you ever been to Colorado? I feel we have the best Mountain poker games. Black Hawk is like mini Vegas, Cripple Creek is decent too. In May we are supposed to kill the limit, so I am expecting no limit to be here in May. Great content, looks like you're learning from past mistakes which is important. Thanks for always staying positive.

  6. Nadim murillo says:

    should come to AZ

  7. Max bielas says:

    Come to Michigan and play at MGM super nice poker room! Great action!

  8. Sagar Singh says:

    Come to California and play!!!

  9. Kwan Kim says:

    Sets are boring when you aren’t the one getting them

  10. steezyogvive says:

    Love it buddy come play in LA/Sd soon I’m an action player would love to play with you!

  11. Danny Hickling says:

    Sets are boring

  12. Arthur Nalls says:

    Haha he had Ace Jackoff

  13. Justin Phillips says:

    Sets are boring!

  14. Atlas Shrugged says:

    Love the videos, curious how many sessions did you play over that 10 day trip and what was your overall result.

  15. Scotty Rogers says:

    “Sets are boring” they practically play themselves

  16. sa.r says:

    This is weird to see after my 5 buyin loss session yesterday. KK 4 times lose 3 QQ 3 times lose them all. 10 10 vs A10s all in pre, he rivers a flush. 10 10 vs AQo crazy guy all in pre. He rivers Q. Interesting to see the POV of someone winning

  17. Andrew Alaskiewicz says:

    On first hand of note with the pocket 6’s there. I get the call on the turn 100% to save that 245 there. But gotta think there my friend, if you’re going to fold to basically a blank river with your exact holding why call the turn if you’re going to do that? I was yelling call and that’s way surprising to me because typically I’m yelling the opposite when it comes to you. Folding is boring but somehow you make that fold? If you’re going to fold there it’s gotta be on the turn with your stack, Once a non spade comes on River, there’s No way your turn thought process was I have to hit one of these 10 full house or quad outs or I’m folding.
    His bet I don’t believe was a bluff at all either and I believe he thought he had the best hand for sure because there’s no way he thinks he can get a better hand to fold there with that bet size and opponent (by opponent I mean the guy with the folding is boring hoodie and card protector, aka Ethan AKA Rampage Poker AKA you!) he definitely thought his KQ was good as you being the initial aggressor sure you can have after calling turn check raise you could have Jacks (3 combos) AK off but with Ace or King of spades (that’s 6 combos so he may have been so nervous if a spade actually came) or suited KJ to hit two pair (2 combos) but realistically that’s only what 11 hands that could beat him he probably thought, based on how fast he put in chips though he probably didn’t think too much.
    You said this was a great session for you, so I’m assuming things turn around for you. However, not the best way to start the session especially after all that amazing insight from poker out loud and getting to play with and pick the brain of one the best players in the world today in Landon, The Child of the Sim, but also no bracelet like my boy Ethan, Tice! Haha.

  18. Elden Mandy says:

    Ayy nice win! On my birthday no less!

  19. aaron morgan says:

    Come to Talking Stick!!

  20. go4gunners says:

    Sets are boring – Much love from Austria!

  21. vector222 says:

    there is no way someone who doesn't jam that turn with a set in response to the CR in a 1/3 game is beating those stakes

  22. lmhvfd says:

    why would u call the turn and fold non spade river?

  23. armen boodaghiam says:

    You’re a good player, but never fold a set in that situation again unless you know a whole lot about that player!

  24. Luke Rickford says:

    My boy Ethan has been running above expectation since the doctor slapped him

  25. Brotalian Can says:

    Florida please!! Tampa Bay Hard Rock!!

  26. Eugene Weeks says:

    You need to go to Derby Lane and play the 5-10 game. It’s usually awesome. They have 5-10 on the weekends. Great poker room with high hands and jackpots. Started going there in the late 90’s with 50cent chips. It was all 7 card stud. Very few Texas Hold Em tables back then. Them old dudes tore my ass up playing stud with them. Bad.

  27. OkiePokerPlayer says:

    Ethan! Back on that horse baby. Good session. And your fold with the 6s wasn't a bad one in most situations. It's not like it cost you $12500. Hehe…

  28. daniel mahusky says:

    That set of 666 was so unlike you to fold river.
    Should of just jammed the turn given his remaining stack size to get max value from a hand like he ended up having.

  29. Vito V says:

    Come to borgata or harrahs Atlantic City bro
    Friday or Saturday

  30. wordtoyall says:

    You pick up more hands in 5 hours than I do in 500 hours. You still bitch about bad luck. WTF.

  31. Pete Zedlacher says:

    You need to add some international flavour to the channel. When the border opens up, you need to visit Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Amazing poker rooms, beautiful city, we’d love to have you come visit. Get your passport!

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