29 thoughts on “Folding The Winner – Poker Vlog 69”
  1. Wadiya Talkinabeet says:

    Good to see vloggers still aren’t being punished for breaking casino filming rules

  2. Mike Hamilton says:

    With the JK vs QQ hand where you said you were lucky that the you didn't face more aggression pre flop. How often do people in your games 4bet with QQ? In games I play although some people would do this I would say that calling the 3b and seeing a flop is probably the most common

  3. Warren Wilson says:

    Good Job at the table, thanks for the city views

  4. Dac Gours says:

    Great vlog

  5. A D says:

    Good session

  6. A D says:

    Unlucky with 99

  7. Brian Freeman says:

    laying down the winner aint fun

  8. Get Rich or Die Scratching says:

    Great vlog as always. Would love to see your 2020 poker earnings if you are willing to share. My goal this year is to become a profitable player. I’m a rec player who is down $3,100 total since I started playing in August 2020.

  9. Gwreck562 says:

    Nice vlog! Nice profit on a shot session too! Just got back from a short trip to Vegas no big wins but I still had fun. The first day though I had a nice big win in a quick cash game session. I bought in for $200 in a 1/3NL game and cashed out for $652 in only 2 hours. Played a $300 Bounty at the Venetian and I ran deep but busted in 16th they paid 12 placed. But I got 3 $100 bounty chips so I got a freeroll on that one. I played 4 tourneys at the Wynn too lots of good players there and I cashed in one in 12th for $322 a $140 buy in. Still made almost enough to pay for my hotel room in profit, lol.

  10. bart supino says:

    nice win hard to believe that no one had you beat w/99

  11. Milo Schouten says:

    Is it really good to re-raise on AK with A 7 2 board. I feel like the BB that jammed will almost always have a club draw so bringing in more club draws is fine, and i dont think there are many cards that can hurt the turn besides a club

  12. Timothy Hwong says:

    Good attitude about not dwelling on hands and just moving forward

  13. Dennis Kwan says:

    Nice session! Keep 'em coming!

  14. ellypticosis says:

    69. Nice.

  15. Steve Garlich says:

    Great analysis and content. Keep up putting in work!

  16. Leo Joseph says:

    99 is the toughest pair for me to play. Walking out with twice the original buy in is Always a great session…especially in just 3 hours!

  17. Kevin Alexander says:

    Solid play and nice results. Overall a positive session. Happy new year!

  18. Patrick Helling says:

    Thanks for all the work making these blogs. You're going to have a successful 2021

  19. Dan Costello says:

    Love the scenery and once the Covid scare ends, the family and I will be heading there to check these places out. Thx

  20. Doug McCusker says:

    Great stuff! Happy New Year, any poker resolutions?

  21. Vito C says:

    Very nice session! Good tip on not getting the 9s to bug you in that spot

  22. Dirt Mcgirt says:

    4:40 lmfaoooo

  23. paul maier says:

    the 99 hand was actually REALLY funny. not much else to do there,

  24. Adan Sampieri says:

    Nice fold evaluating after the flops.

  25. Tha 2nd Coming says:

    I hope your neck is doing better. Gotta dedicate daily movement and decompression stretches bro.

  26. Harold K. says:

    Don't want to be nosey, but how is your Dad? Liked this vlog. Happy New Year!!!!

  27. Bryce L says:

    Another great video Andrew… Keep em' coming! Stay safe bro

  28. Paul Hamilton says:

    I’ve made some lay downs before. It stings when you do it but you have to go with your gut feeling.

  29. Алексей Русланович says:

    Thank you for the video

    Happy New Year

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