9 thoughts on “Fortunate Duck RED SPIN & BONUS! – On line casino Recon”
  1. jackorgo says:

    Play .25 and max bet if you're only going to play $1…

  2. SML-Slot Machine Lover says:

    Hey, I just want to let you know is someone is stealing your video. Bonus Free here's the link below.


  3. Chris Draven says:

    Why even waste your time on a dollar slot if your only ganna bet one? I hate walking in to play a machine and someone betting one hitting high pays that coulda been hit on max.

  4. Wesley Smith says:

    Lol gotta bet max

  5. Casino Recon says:

    This was at the Grand Casino in Shawnee Oklahoma

  6. Reckless Bets says:

    FYI, the pick a duck bonus and any other bonuses on these VGT bingo machines is predetermined before you start picking and is based off the bingo pattern. Your order of picking ducks doesn't matter so you don't need to fret about picking the "wrong" duck.

  7. larry buran says:

    these red screens are usually at Indian casinos because it is bingo, probably cherokee in Oklahoma.

  8. MIchael guzman says:

    what casino

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