33 thoughts on “four INCREDIBLE poker folds that may depart you SPEECHLESS!”
  1. Mathemagical55 says:

    I'd fold 99 against Channing in the last one.

  2. andrew webber says:

    You always have to take account of the number of players in the hand, so the more pre flop callers there are, the more likely someone else has flopped a better hand. In the case of Cunninham’s QQ, he had a whole host of callers as he didn’t raise it up pre flop, only called. As such chance anyone has made trip 6s or even trip 7s, was reasonably high and thus the QQs were worth much less. You basically need to make a judgement call based on how much your opponent bets compared to pot size, whether it was worth the call

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  4. Texan Football Houston says:


  5. Jorge A Nonato nava says:

    The last hand was an amazing fold

  6. Mehmet OZCAN says:

    yaiche fold is no way incredible. channing was all in despite insisting raises by Yaiche. it could be incredible, if he could fold at reraise of his turn bid.

  7. CJ Lee says:

    The first three folds were okay, pretty standard IMHO, but the last fold was really impressive. I would have lost big in that hand.

  8. D Mastery says:

    Wtf was with the language swap….

  9. Logan Wene says:

    That last fold was INCREDIBLE. I would've lost that hand every time. In my head king kicker beats so many hands and hes most likely bluffing with there only being 1 more ace in the deck. What a phenomenal play! I'm speechless

  10. kissmy ass says:

    Tom dwan a great fold

  11. 高福仁 says:


  12. Steven Fox says:

    Tom Dwan with a 3 kicker was always folding.. i don't know how that's an unbelievable fold!?

  13. BCK says:

    Just watched the French bit with auto gen subtitles. Highly recommend it. It is absolutely hilarious what the program generates. starts at 11:10. Part of it isn't translated, but it is worth a watch. I personally like party Elmo.

  14. Kyle Mouttet says:

    tripz, my friend, your channel only gets better and better!

  15. Jordan Pennington says:

    Tom Dwon drive me nuts man.

  16. 최형사 says:

    홀덤은 장고때리면서 눈치보는거 진짜 극혐

  17. Norbert Korom says:

    Dwan is lucky player! Asshole Dwan a hate him because he has a lot of lucky

  18. 27scole says:

    The A2. First he acts Oh it's so tough and he realizes ah man I gotto keep that up. Then he thinks Eh how do I raise this from here? Ah right I been just acting like it's tough so I can bluff so obviously I am happy then since if I would still act like it's tough that would give a tell.

  19. Pastafarian says:

    Could someone please explain to me how in the 2nd clip, Cunningham with Q's only has a 21% chance? Like how is K8s better than pocket Q's???

  20. MicAarZur says:

    2:45 nice angle shoot lol

  21. Skye Angel of Death says:

    Well…at least that last hand was a really strong fold…….the others…..meh

  22. Gandhi India says:

    Channing is funny. French surrender to easily

  23. Kidk420 says:

    16:40 is the epic troll by Channing as he needles all French people by mentioning their tendency to "surrender too easily". He's begging for a call at this point and Yaiche sees right thru it. Wish I could hear more of the dialogue but evidently the commentators like to talk over the players in all languages.

  24. jim page says:

    Nice read Durr

  25. Jonah Ellis says:

    No hellmuth?????

  26. KingProdent says:

    Tom angled twice? What the duck?

  27. King Cam says:

    5:51 there’s a 4 on the turn leaving Cunningham with 0% equity but couldn’t he have Flopped the 4th queen for a full house of Q 6??? Beating the 6, 7 full house

  28. Shane Phillips says:

    Is it just me??? The way they keep playing with their chips drives me crazy!!

  29. Peter Tchang says:

    Im not as speechless when i know its coming, but good video anyways

  30. Weghweh Hwewehwhe says:

    No way how Tilly moves – she always has two great pairs in every match.

  31. Jakki Hessing says:

    Tom D. double angle shooting…. WTF… a world class WHAT??? It is like cheating and doing it twice!! Any half decent player would fold that hand….

  32. Joseph Z. says:

    imo last guy shoulda checked instead of gone all in, he coulda put his opponent on an ace and gotten a bet out of him

  33. Alex Rades says:

    I sub to everyone that sub to me

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