20 thoughts on “four x €10,000 BONUS BUY on FRUIT PARTY 🍓”
  1. Johnny Mcc says:

    Nice duo.. Change schedule no?

    Stake JohnnyMcc1407

  2. Jonas Schwarz says:

    Dutch duo at its best Pog
    Stake: Theblacky

  3. Andre_M12 says:

    Nice video as alwayyyss

    Stake: SeemsGood

  4. Jay Wright says:

    Love these YouTube exclusive videos you legends! ❤ Stake – JayWright91

  5. Alexander Åberg says:

    New duo pooooogggg?!
    Stake: BoomAberg

  6. Marc C says:

    Nando and J onte would make a good Duo on stream as well 🙂 as always nice work guys!
    stake: Chirello

  7. Adam Koch says:

    Dont be like Georgi
    Stake: Kouch12

  8. Bas de koning says:

    This is sooo sick! 😀

    Stake: Bacardibass

  9. mashtonbomb says:

    Glad to see someone getting money back on fruit party! Stake: Hondotaco

  10. Тихий says:

    Great like always

  11. Simon Meinking says:

    Awesome as Always guys

    Stake: simonmeinking

  12. Leeo says:

    Great as always

  13. aodat2 says:

    Have not seen a big win on Fruit Party for a very long time already.
    Stake: aodat2

  14. Ali Bakhsh says:

    Sehr Gut bruder.

  15. Vanda szabo says:

    It’s so good to see you guys having fun, but still teaching a lot of the community members how to gamble responsibly! Lot of love for you guys.

  16. Michael Glaser says:

    stake : t0x1clord

  17. Bergmaister says:

    Stake: Betmaister

  18. Tanner Vail says:

    Let’s gooo
    Stake Tvail71

  19. Ruhia Shroff says:

    Stake alifrednev

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