13 thoughts on “Free Cash $1,795,000 Fortunate Wheel GTA On-line On line casino Glitch”
  1. Fyson Elvison says:

    Free 1.7m but u know you can sell the car for 0$ because you won it on the wheel of fortune

  2. Noah Hernandez says:


  3. TELTHEHITMAN Games says:

    That's long just disconnect internet connection

  4. Ryan Fackler says:

    There is no damn glitch here

  5. ムskpa5rik says:

    PC on?

  6. Bandit says:

    How did u spin so slow

  7. Kennedy Vu says:

    Y u didnt talk this is difficult for me

  8. Balázs Szabó says:

    Hi! What if the car was destroyed? Can it be brought back somehow?

  9. tari.mp4 says:

    If you pull out your wifi its enough

  10. Mr AOfCourse says:

    instead of closing the application just switch your network on and off again and you end up in story mode then load into invite only it’s much quicker

  11. buy me tns says:

    Does this actually work, I won’t be mad if it doesn’t I just don’t wanna waste my time. Like and subbed btw

  12. roufianos says:

    Hey big fan …. the video was amazing

  13. IvanGoldBit says:

    Awesome free car you have to win this if you don't have the funds 🙂

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