19 thoughts on “Free Curren$y x Wiz Khalifa Kind Beat – On line casino Nights”
  1. Jesse Brandon says:

    Casino nightS
    For once in our life can we not fight
    Ok you’re right
    Im taking chances making bets
    I need a new rush
    Cuz at the rate we’re going
    I need a new love
    To fulfill my needs
    It won’t be hard to move on
    You did me wrong
    And for that, i wrote you this song
    I ain’t coming back this time
    Yes I’m really moving away
    Yes I’m really gone be gone

  2. NNR says:

    Hi bro, what's the key on that one? i've purchased it


    Men thank u for ur dope beats keep that fire on the line men I ve been spit in ur beats down here from the Philippines

  4. Michael Thompson says:

    You can c the future in my eyes been hell of a night

  5. Quincy Reuben says:

    Hey bro I’ve emailed you and DM you on Instagram and Twitter regarding beat purchases and you have not opened or responded to any of them. How can someone get in contact with you ASAP??

  6. TheHomieChepps says:

    This is dope! Looking for new music then check my rap album on my page, used some of your beats!

  7. Michael Con says:

    damn bro da fuck you goated

  8. MN_7 FIFA says:

    J'dois changer la plaquette comme j'dois changer de fréquentation et si toi de nom
    On organise le jour de ton exécution

  9. Chad Bird says:

    Personally I wish it was just a tad slower, but it’s still such a work of art you have extravagant balance

  10. Berka says:

    Man I wanna use this free non profit so baaaad.. this beat is insaaane!!

  11. - Vince says:


  12. ACE GAIN FITNESS says:


  13. bjimmies says:


  14. Vicce says:

    Smooth as fuck

  15. OuterSpace Focused says:

    str8 fire bro

  16. Drew Briggs says:


  17. SirackCity says:

    What if you wanted to use it for a vlog and paid for it? Thanks

  18. Valentine Beats says:

    Keep dropping heat fam!

  19. Kilim Vein Beats says:


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