45 thoughts on “Free Slots and Come Strains – 4 Kings On line casino Gameplay”
  1. samuel licea says:

    I don’t like the new funhuas where did the ogs all go? This has made me stop coming to this channel.

  2. Stonr2k Eh says:

    where has james upper lip gone. i been noticing that in a few vids

  3. Shanna White says:

    I found this game back in November and love it!

  4. Jakey wilberger says:

    Well time unsubscribe. Just not funny or good no more.

  5. Trevor says:

    “And we got a black” -Ryan 2021

  6. waterishardcore101 says:

    I can't believe that I just enjoyed James and Ryan showing their methods on Craps

  7. Bundalings says:

    what the hell is craps

  8. Furness Prime says:

    funhaus is dying

  9. Roronoa Zoro says:

    Its always fun getting drunk with strangers in Vegas

  10. Frank Ruby says:

    Slow painful death for this channel. I miss Bruce And Lawrence

  11. Alfred says:

    Ryan's constant rubbing of his pop filter right on top of his mic lol

  12. Mathew Capaccio says:

    You need to do more vids with this crew. Well just stop showing the inside gaming people. I watch their channel for the gaming news and I watch this channel to watch you guys game. I watch James and Elyse on their channel when I just want to watch them. You need to make your channel solid again, and having random people in each vid makes it less consistent. Hope you take this advice.

  13. Luciano Reyes says:

    This whole video was an excuse to get Ryan to say "come" a lot

  14. LBjosh1 says:

    Ryan didn’t give his rating for the casino.

  15. aaron edmonston says:

    it hurts me so much that none of them noticed the chips were above and not on the numbers………..

  16. SkTzO7 says:

    Make Ryan play PokerStars VR.

  17. Martin Palmer says:

    Elyse absolutely winning the internets with that 'Ellen The Generous' boom :'D
    Another great vid, tho, Funhaus folks, I love having this many laughs – thank you! 😀

  18. rocketrae21 says:

    Yeah I still don't know how to play craps

  19. Mike Honcho says:

    Loving the MMPR shirt, James.

  20. anonymous anonymous says:

    Back again with another episode of Ryan's covert discreet rock and roll lifestyle

  21. Jared Wagner says:

    Lmao this was great

  22. William Kluge says:

    This is a modern remake of that stripper game they played years ago. I appreciate your jackblack sheet story, James.

  23. William Kluge says:

    Hey, James, if I want to increase the amount of weight I can lift and move somewhere else what excercises would you recommend? Clearly you're good at carrying stuff so I figured you'd know what to do

  24. Jesse Smith says:

    Any video with Ryan is bound to be gold

  25. Val S says:

    Lindsey's ongoing desperate chat conversation with nobody is cracking me up.

  26. banana bread says:

    My sister already went to Vegas for a photoshoot just go now

  27. Mark Leal says:

    Ryan was actually enjoyable without yelling and screaming for ten minutes.

  28. XxEvolutionxX23 says:

    Holy fuck I am so happy with the end of this video. I have been dying to see James play craps

  29. Andrew Morrison says:

    Nice power ranger tshirt

  30. Metastatic Malady says:

    “I never come.”

  31. SquareB0t says:

    "Show me your Big Six" lmfao

  32. suitupandbeawesome says:

    The Edwin Starr references were FUCKING HILARIOUS

  33. Lazy O'Blaze says:

    Chasing that endorphine high

  34. Alex says:

    Like someone else commented on here.. i am also even less clear on how to play craps

  35. Reese _ says:

    James is LITERALLY handsome squidward…

    W T F

  36. awk says:

    9:06 shot that joke down with expert precision, impressive

  37. RhubarbCube says:

    Bruce: I never freeze
    Ryan: I never come

  38. Poopoo Peepee says:

    Kewl beans

  39. B Moss says:

    Banger of a video, great job.

  40. Will Becker says:

    "hit every time."
    -Sun Tzu
    -Ryan Hailey

  41. Yo Dawgz Gaming says:

    This video is chock full of Elyse absolutely killing it, God I love her goofy jokes

  42. Yo Dawgz Gaming says:

    Wow this is old, James still has his retainer in. Dude looks so awkward pulling his lip down over it all the time and holding back his laughs.

  43. Evan A says:

    ryan is a professional homeless person

  44. Alexis Bell says:

    Do casinos really give out free rooms for playing?

  45. JACK MASCADRI says:

    was Ryan high during this??

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