13 thoughts on “FRUITY SLOTS December HIGHLIGHTS! Epic Slot Wins!!”
  1. Jacob Johnson says:

    Is that a wig Josh ??

  2. Sab The Seeker! says:

    I can't watch your videos during the day because of the foul mouth — Even my wife commented on it.
    Please try to calm down with the foul language — Thanks — Other than that I do like watching you guy's

  3. Skinup Laddy says:

    Josh you look like a badger ,dye the hair man

  4. Hugh Zarie says:

    I once got 1380X on Flamebusters. Unfortunately on 20p stakes.

  5. Anything Goes says:

    Doing them in order of how big took any excitement as I already knew it was going to be over th last one. One last spin and you know it's going to be good.

  6. Silver Ghost says:

    good to see your compilation of wins .. shame the dutch boys are ripping at the mo on twitch , i am sure itll come together stay fruity .. respect one and all stay safe ..

  7. Mrs PJ says:

    'we are not longer playing slots, we are egg catching, thank you…..orr look at me go' what a quote Scotty hahaha

  8. Riko j.b says:

    55:00 The bosssshhhh mention my nameeeee….hahahahahha
    Nice hit Jamie Mate..We all saw it,back 2 back 1k+ Garrys

  9. cashy2185 says:

    Quality video lads

  10. Steelershockey says:

    Great video but why no Bono & Nathan??

  11. E Burgess says:

    Some great hits . Jamie tho wiw that geezer is nuts. Proper legend. Trig up ,find it want it need it, bonai , jacky for the world. Has me in stitches.

  12. Wayne Sharman says:

    Nice fruity video to wake up on hangover Saturday

  13. Jason Cunniffe says:

    not first………

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