15 thoughts on “FRUITY SLOTS NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHTS! Mega Slot Wins!!”
  1. Kadie CJ says:

    Amazing!!!! Quality streamers

  2. prisk862 says:

    Guarantee you Jamie did not look back at that video, constructive criticism guys it never seems like you really care there's no real emotions, we need to feel the rollercoaster of the the session, well that's me anyway

  3. Barlie Dev says:

    Lol Jamie not seeing that win lol

  4. Vincent Boivin says:

    josh must have had a major concussion or something hahaha

  5. Andy Key says:

    Lots of people asking about the bonus buys. Jamie doesn't live in the UK so he can buy bonuses, quick spin and stream on Twitch.

  6. Jason Harford says:

    Crying at Jamie with the dog

  7. Jason Harford says:

    My name made the vid pick on secret of the stones

  8. Mark Chandler says:

    What a stream, brilliant lads!

  9. Dan Nisbet says:

    Like the others said, bonus buys?????

  10. Pun1sher4u says:

    You lot are jokes to watch man

  11. Kristian Selby says:

    How did you buy a bonus?

  12. Matthew Chadwick says:

    Bonus buys????

  13. WindmillSlots says:

    Fantastic! I'm going to sit down for it again

  14. MattMatt says:

    @ 00:53 the face you make when you don't have a clue. Even though you've picked the best 4 LOL well done Joshyboi. Love the streams

  15. Fruity Slots - Casino Streamers says:

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