Funnest Poker Sport in Vegas

19 thoughts on “Funnest Poker Sport in Vegas”
  1. Daryll J Murphy says:

    Love the vibes at Trooper Thursday! Jaman Burton, OMC, Clubs! What a game!?!?! Love it!

  2. TheUnprofessionalChef says:

    I think anybody that has ever made it to Trooper Thursday will say that it is indeed a hella fun time. Unfortunately I won't be back in Vegas to make another game until January but I'm looking forward to it!!

  3. ChrisC says:

    2:40 – Big. Black. Bald. Bieber. It can only be JAMAN!

  4. Marty Szudera says:

    Congratulations on how far you’ve come Trooper

  5. Doug Walker says:

    What a burn by Tacos

  6. Chaleman R says:

    Music sounded like a "Pink" song. Can't remember the song.
    All fun and games until people get pounded.
    "Funnest.. game…. in Vegas" nice plug.

  7. Bigtexnick says:

    awesome vlog, that was a fun one

  8. apyt100 says:

    A scary combination of sharps and degens. Predator and prey. A few of those people r all business

  9. J.W. says:

    trooper, you'd be a fool to do trooper thursday one day before main event, unless you planning on busting out before the first break.

  10. Bit Coiner says:

    Claimed 2019 Cashgame Results (no WSOP MTT/SNG):
    This vlog: +$47
    2019 totals: +$2289

  11. Jaxs Wolfenslagen says:

    how many in that room are invested in your wsop event? and how many of them are in main event?

  12. Andrew / says:

    The best shitty awesome person what???

  13. Bill Andrade says:

    Lol you branded your shit right there. "The funnest meet up game in vegas" premium assessment.

  14. Tim B says:

    Planning to get a massage from Kelly next time..!!!!

  15. David Douglas says:

    No singing god pls

  16. Gavin Harvey says:


  17. Silverlicious says:

    Love the music sound track on this Vlog. Great edits man. You always have the best music.

  18. Mike Dunn says:


  19. Freeursoul Park says:

    300th Thumbs up!

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