1. Peach McIntyre says:



  2. Ursula Ingram says:

    That Pig machine is not it

  3. loiza18baby says:

    Play "All Aboard" Its in the Area where the piano is at almost all the way to the back on the Rightside… new game

  4. Kesha Poindexter says:

    Good luck

  5. Marianne Caputo says:

    Hi peach call him ranked beacon he's cute god bless you and your friends

  6. Leah Miles says:

    Im bout to move to tampa i hope we can meet up

  7. Towonza Bell says:

    Just left Seminole Hard Rock Casino and lost bad on the slots but had fun.

  8. Corissa Williams says:


  9. Corissa Williams says:


  10. Corissa Williams says:

    Hi play .25 put only play for .75

  11. Sharon Morgan says:

    Hi peach, you are a winner tonight, Win, win !!!

  12. Ruby Asher says:

    U should play the one u were winning on last nite

  13. AmyBethB says:

    I do better onthe 3.52 and 5.28 on this game and switch back and forth.

  14. Lorene Wella says:

    Hard rock casino in North Carolina always jam pack even before the pandemic I can imagine what it looks like now no casinos in Georgis Kentucky Tennessee South Carolina and parts of North Carolina I bet that sucker is pack But your girl not going

  15. southcounty sue says:

    That is alot of money to waste in one machine. Only go to the casino like once a year on your birthday. You can lose too much money

  16. Rubetta Earthely says:

    I think. I will win every time i go and never win

  17. Annie Lehnhardt_Kolakowski says:

    Niecy, I guess I am going to be a hater! Not a bad hater, but a good hater! Listen, didn't you tell me you were going to buy a house, no mortgage, cash up front? No! No! No! Why are you giving your stimulus check back to the nobles? They are counting on you to do this. Gambling is like striving after the wind, You will never get a hold on it. Make your money work for you. Not you work for a slave for it!!! You need to stop and get a hold on this. At the end of the day, it is your decision! Just like I need to lose 30 pounds. it is my responsibilities to get the weight off. Not anyone else.

  18. Margarita Galarza says:


  19. Keisha Pay says:

    You could of gotten your hair and nails done with that

  20. Margarita Galarza says:


  21. Margarita Galarza says:

    Go. To other. One

  22. Margarita Galarza says:

    This. Sucks. Bet. More

  23. Margarita Galarza says:


  24. Margarita Galarza says:

    I will go or sit. Peaches. Please making me dizzy

  25. Ruth SIMS says:

    You bet higher you will hit

  26. Ruth SIMS says:

    Play 240

  27. AnTe_Up_BuM says:

    Preach you got this,win win win❤️

  28. Ruth SIMS says:

    Play fire ball its an good game and you will win

  29. Timi. Hand L says:

    Win Peaches I hope you WIN.

  30. Ruth SIMS says:

    Good Luck I feel you are going to win and yes you will hit it big

  31. Jean Pickett says:

    Good luck

  32. Pamelia Heck says:

    Bust it wide open pig good luck Peachjes

  33. Arel Dia says:


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