18 thoughts on “Geisha slot bonus win at Parx On line casino”
  1. atomical @ gmail.com says:

    Great payout for a 200 cr bet!

  2. Mike Nugent says:

    Hi Videopappy. Long time no talk. How's your luck been lately. I am going back to the casino again on Tuesday. Been going like 3 times a week since the beginning of this year. Hope to get lucky this time. Will update.

  3. casinopoodle says:

    @videopappy37 The website you are creating…will it also have tips on how to win or not lose your shirt at slots? I am either totally unlucky or just not picking the right machines. I hope your website will give me some tips so I can achieve my first jackpot!

  4. casinopoodle says:

    Awesome! Love your vids!

  5. sue1anne says:

    What a nice win! Wow, and on your last $20. Congrats!

  6. P2000Camaro says:

    Verryyy nice!!!

  7. Ei Ei O says:

    Way to go Pappy! The machines were so tight here yesterday, I felt like Clark Griswold did in Vegas…lol Let's hope the new year brings many jackpots for all of us!

  8. SlotNoodles says:

    Nice come back 🙂

  9. b3organman1 says:

    that's a great ending! lucky for you on the last 20 bucks b 4 you leave.

  10. Whokikiwit says:

    It's always nice to still win on the older machines. Nice Job on your way out the door Pappy

  11. aolson72178 says:

    hey pappy u play in vegas were are the best new slots at,i might go but not sure where i wanna stay i will be bring my son and wife but i want to know where the best slots are and the most

  12. Punkiye says:

    nice hit.

  13. aolson72178 says:

    nice so did u go back in and win more? lol

  14. Linda Kennemore says:

    Thanks for posting..I love the Geisha machines in La. Won quite a bit of money on those machines..Happy New Year..

  15. purplefantizzy says:

    What a comeback! I did well on a nickle Buffalo slot new years eve night. Put in 5 bucks waiting on a friend at the cashier and hit the free spins with 3 retriggers and cashing out 350.00! 5 bucks and such a nice win. I always share when my friends are down we were in the casino for 10 hours and had a blast! Happy 2010 to you and your family! 😉

  16. k oneal777 says:

    Happy New Year… Very nice win.. Oh how I miss her she was one of my go to machines.. I guess the casino figured that out since they got rid of her 🙂

  17. RobRobertTheMusicMan says:

    Ohhh, Sweet Geisha.

  18. F&M says:

    Good for you pappy, I bet you went home feeling good. Thank you for all the fun, hope 2012 is even better.

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