11 thoughts on “German Poker Professional Runs like a GOD and WINS $1,400,000!”
  1. FuryTV says:

    Philipp Gruissem is one of the most underrated high stakes poker players, with over $11,000,000 in live tournament earnings!

  2. Muzza says:

    No friends Siever

  3. Rick709 carv says:

    When I watch "old" clips like these, and they hug it out, when the 3rd placed finisher gets knocked out… the only thing going through my mind is, why are these people so close to each other??

  4. isildur1980 says:

    Que pasada ser un sortudo en la vida, así es tan fácil

  5. Matt Eckert says:

    Scott always comes off like an asshole so glad to see phil take him down

  6. Phi Nguyen says:

    That play with the 7s was nuts… i wonder what the play or read was

  7. Jean-Christophe Binette says:

    These tourneys were insane to watch…best poker on TV ever

  8. Leroy Carter says:

    Love seeing Tony G get handed his ass.

  9. Eugenios T. says:

    Not only a great player but very humble.

  10. Full Film İzle HD H.T. says:

    performed an extraordinary game, great success

  11. BEBY DAWI says:

    Welcome indonesia

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