29 thoughts on “Girl Gaga – Poker Face (Reside at V Competition 2009) [23/08/09]”
  1. R. Ghoul says:

    2020 and now coronivirus is attacking the world, and this is the first comment since 2014

    GAGA has now 1 Oscar, 2 Golden Globes, 11 Grammy's

  2. Jeanice Laye says:

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  3. thedruidsofkalimdor says:

    See what throws me off nowadays about her is, she still performs the same with the same amount of energy, just she has WAAAAAAAAAAY to many props and shit going on stage. Look at what she does when it's her, three dancers and some lights and fog, amazing LOL.

  4. hui200063 says:

    Best performance ever

  5. Dontbegood-begreat says:

    Now jump like you never jumped before!!!!!!!!! 😉 <3

  6. Eneko says:


  7. Travis Rose says:

    it's actually filmed very well, he captured what's more important- the show and the reaction

  8. diegolate says:

    the weird moment when I first saw this video and said to myself "who is this fucking brilliant bitch?!?!" <3

  9. akhbar maroc lyawm says:

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  10. quim1970 says:

    Why does the director feel that wide and long shots are better than Gaga herself? the show is her, keep the bloody camera on her.

  11. Luis Lara says:

    I love her choreographies♥

  12. joelibermann says:

    shut up voice matters more then performance and she has an amazing voice, she's a singer, not dancer like Beyonce or something.

  13. Candy POP Hal says:

    Did the Drummer mind That?!

  14. Ashley Louise James says:

    sound guy needs to turn gaga's voice up >:[

  15. Imran Ciabatta says:

    take that haters…almost 1,000,000 people jump to her music..

  16. Brody S says:

    @famemonster1993 Im sure there all paying attention and even if you suck at catching stuff, there guna catch a drumstick thrown by her.

  17. j yz says:

    @WhatTheOstrich ugh ur so lucky to be there in person….went to the monster ball but I think this concert is a fucking riot…i like concerts like this aint nothing but the artist, her music, and the crowd…

  18. freeasmyhair says:

    @TheBinarytimecage spacecowboy remix

  19. oscar gomez says:

    miss this GAGA 🙁

  20. thedruidsofkalimdor says:

    CAN FEEL THE ENERGY, AND IM ONLY AT MY COMPUTER. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be actually there!!!!!!

  21. Myriam H says:


  22. Veparrr says:

    what a pathetic excuse for stage performance

  23. LaurenJenniferr says:

    @kdog513 They are 2 completly diffrent people and Gaga is unique in her own way just like madonna was but they are not the same, so stop comparing the two.

  24. LaurenJenniferr says:

    Stop comparing Gaga and Madonna, Yeah they might of both been or are Queens of Pop But they are completly diffrent, unique in their own ways. So Shut up.

  25. thedruidsofkalimdor says:

    @kdog513 New Generation comes new people to set new bar's and stuff MADONNA HASNT DONE.

  26. kdog513 says:

    Madonna brought us Madonna when there was no Madonna. To throw her away because someone else has come along is bullshit. Not to mention, GAGA is talented but still dont have the skill that Madonna did. The woman set the bar for edgy pop music. She did risk on stage before it was invented. Maybe this is just a generational arguement and thats all good cause I did it when I was younger. Im just saying Madonna quit when she wanted a family.Lets See if Gaga quits on her own or just flashes out.

  27. Musicfan5ft8 says:

    @jkgc I love Gaga forever, but if we forgot about Madonna (the queen of pop) then we'd have to forget about Gaga too. Seeing as Madonna practically made Gaga.

  28. Renato Judas says:

    @jkgc yes we can

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