35 thoughts on “Girl Luck Stay At On line casino!”
  1. Lady Luck HQ says:

    Sorry for the bad quality! The internet was down at Cosmo and our MiFi didn't have good connection!

  2. Gdog Keep’em Rolling says:

    Sup best way to play slots is 5$ slot 1 line 3 wheel bet one level below max for 15 spins

  3. Papa Emeritus says:

    Ai just here because You are beautiful,

  4. Lady D says:

    Less talk and more action

  5. chowebaby says:

    Do you ever go to Harrah’s Cherokee or Wind Creek Wetumpka? New subscriber thanks!

  6. Tommy Von says:

    Just found your channel.. gotta ask. Has Lady Luck ever played at the Lady Luck casino before it closed? that would be priceless.

  7. Sasho Salimow says:

    I like you baby

  8. Rhoy DG Sales says:

    Hello idol

  9. Jamie Smithlington says:

    Do something love muffin!!!! Do something!!!!

  10. brightboyz says:

    I love you guys me and my dude watch you guys every NEW VIDEO HIT IT RICH Guys

  11. Audreanna Simonson says:

    hit that money girl

  12. Marcus Rezzonico says:

    big money!! Sounds like exactly the lady from wheel of fortune

  13. Jayy BorgaTa says:

    you are so sweet lady luck , I was at the casino here in Ottawa Canada playing, the same time you were live , and I lost too 🙁 all the machines were bad to me 🙁 too

  14. franky M says:

    Was this recorded with a potato?

  15. Jonah Manzano says:

    noice high stake game. love this game

  16. Gesha says:

    Какой провайдер???) или вопрос не уместен

  17. Gesha says:

    Привет!) в онлайн казино таких слотов даже не видел(((

  18. Common Man Slots says:

    Do you ever go to cherokee

  19. Chicago's blue print t.v. says:

    tough loss guys

  20. luckyvic7777 says:

    Cosmo was not good too you guys you will get them next time thanks for playing you and hubby are the best!

  21. Coolguy360 says:

    Sorry lady luck…missed your live streaming….just watched now…you both have great spirit…sure u will do great soon
    Good luck!!!

  22. b p says:

    It's tough to stay positive when things aren't going well. You guys show excellent composure, it says a lot about you two. Good luck the rest of your trip! I just subscribed to your channel as well.

  23. NG Slot says:

    Hope you will have a better luck after stream guys. BEST OF LUCK

  24. Blake Cadmus says:

    Nice to hear that you are donating to the animals…………….but are you vegan?

  25. AngelaTwinSlots says:

    Gees that was brutal!!!! Although I wish you'd have got an incredible handpay it also shows people what usually happens when we gamble so it's a great lesson for people that think all the YouTube slot channels only win. Sending lots of winning vibes for the rest of your visit and can't wait to see the 4 handys you got at Wynn last night!!! You two are an adorably beautiful couple!!!!

  26. Legit Business says:

    Good luck guys #handpay

  27. redneck gambler says:


  28. Kathy Nelson says:

    Any better

  29. Alora Mermaid says:

    Yes, still blurry

  30. Alora Mermaid says:

    Good luck! Win big!

  31. Zulkarnian khalid says:

    now connection is good

  32. The Camel Story says:

    omg this must be the oldest second hand bought potato camera in history of mankind 0o0

  33. The Camel Story says:

    Even the Bad Quality of the camera couldnt kill your beauty 0o0

  34. Hope Basham says:

    Bad picture on the video

  35. akaHoLLyWooD says:

    Crap, missed the live feed by 6 minutes. Checking it out now to see how you guys did. Gl in Vegas. I'm so jealous. Wish i was there!!

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