49 thoughts on “Glee – Poker Face by Lea Michele feat Idina Menzel”
  1. ana mara Coimbra says:

    amo glee !!que dueto

  2. Natalia says:

    I find this wonderful music and one of the best songs that Lea and Indina sang together

  3. Shakur Augustin says:

    I love the remix that glee do but I couldn't find put what they was singing and This is not a slow sound not even if it is slow then fast this is a fast sing

  4. My Chemical Romance is BACK! says:

    Lea Michelle may be talented, but she's annoying AF.

  5. Hannah Bass says:

    Ever since ive heard shes elsa, all I think when I hear her is LET IT GOOOOO

  6. Baby Genius says:

    I'm telling everyone now to go watch Percy Jackson poker face

  7. Thaíse Silva says:

    Quase choro quando as duas cantaram juntas. Isso foi lindo. <3

  8. alex31PLD says:

    Cette version est bien meilleure que celle de Lady Gaga

  9. Pete McAuliffe says:

    Idina Menzel and Lea Michele's singing faces are disturbing

  10. BGTitanAvatar says:

    You change the tempo of a song and it takes me forever to figure out what it is. So when they sang this in the show I was so thrown…and then the chorus….and then it made sense….

  11. jean milligan says:

    they have to be related in some way , i had to google to see if they were related when i first saw this they are so a like its  wierd

  12. Shiranui Plays says:

    They sound AND look so much alike !

  13. TheBrismoore says:

    They look so much alike, they could pass for sisters easily!

  14. Travis Gray says:

    If I were ever to perform this song publicly, I would definitely do this version of it. It's such a silly song but Idina makes it so very beautiful. 

  15. Shintarou Inugami says:

    Queen Elsa singing Poker Face….. it's been a good day

  16. どかちん。 says:

    I love it.

  17. gabbie gries says:

    Adele Damzin!

  18. Mari Fountain says:

    That mind-blowing moment when you realize Idina Menzel is Elsa from Frozen.
    Welp I've died.

  19. alex riley says:

    Idina and Lea are perfect for "mother and daughter" b/c they look a like

  20. Stefano Alessandri says:


  21. Mel says:

    I still think Idina is a better singer than Lea, though she is amazing as well.

  22. Rosie Pearson says:

    Lea Michele and Idina Menzel both have brilliant voices. love glee! I remember watching this ages ago but thought of this after seeing frozen and listening to let it go x the funny thing is the some what kind of look slightly similar

  23. BritRose says:

    They are so cute together

  24. Fatima S says:

    LoveLoveLove this <3

  25. Lea Julia says:

    Finn :'(

  26. Victoria Breakspeare says:

    I never really got the story behind this song tell glee did it this is just wow there voices are amazing together and to be honest haha I'm crying listing to it 🙂

  27. Gustav Mahler says:

    Dude, it is perfect because of the point of the whole song.  This girl fools around, flirts, is overtly sexual, but then the sad ending is that you find out that she'll never know true love.  Aside from being lyrically stunning, the song mirrors real life.  I know some girls AND guys like that — and they live perpetually single because they fake their way through life with a "poker face".  They never let that guard down and never know true love.

  28. Brandon De La Cruz says:

    Poker face <3

  29. dramallama says:

    I can't help pissing myself with laughter when they go. P-P-P-Poker face 😀

  30. Aldana Caceres says:

    Me Encanta La música

  31. Sinem says:

    Their voice.. just amazing.

  32. Maria Alcocia says:

    Idina should come back for Rachel . It would be amazing seeing her again.

  33. Marcos Wictor says:

    Why this song is perfect?

  34. Jaedyn Payne says:

    I love my Elphaba <3

  35. The Sistaz says:

    🙂 Luv it

  36. EwuNiaaa189 says:

    i love it !

  37. Oid aMsk says:

    I love reichel 3

  38. Iestyn Evans says:

    Everybody hates Rachel but too me she is amazing! 🙂

  39. Yoss says:

    Not not not!!!!

  40. Isabel Rodriguez says:

    I love this version

  41. Tori lee Johnson says:

    They look so much alike 😀

  42. Elina Parvanova says:


  43. Maggie L. says:

    Love GLEE

  44. Sun Hee says:

    RIP Cory M <3

  45. Chassidy Leon says:

    Love it

  46. Erik Mikaelson says:


  47. Dylla Rosma says:

    Very like <3

  48. Rae-Anne Chu Wai chow says:

    I love it when they sing togther

  49. Κυριακή Iωαννίδου says:

    I love the ow-ow-ow part! Oh my god she's so talented!!!!! awesome version

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